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Hello dear Student, It is an honour for me to have this opportunity of knowing you. Because I want you to have a similar feeling, let me tell you some fact about me. Currently, I live in the USA, in Michigan, very close to the border with Canada. I am an American citizen and for the last 14 years, I have been working as an English as a Second Language teacher. My students come from different countries having different backgrounds and different native languages, but they all have a common goal, to improve their English to a certain desirable level so many doors will be open for them. Besides teaching I organize a lot of trips for them to museums of art and to places in nature where we can have lunch together, walk, play sports and swim. In all the activities we have together we talk English and I do my best for them to learn new vocabulary words obligating them to talk with native English speakers. Teaching is my love because I love people and I enjoy seeing them happy and successful. Another activity besides teaching is writing. Until today I published 6 books that are mainly novels addressed to adults. I also have 4 books that I wrote for children and for those who still consider themselves children. As a frequent activity in my spare time is travelling around the world to meet more people like you and to listen to more languages that sound to me as wonderful music. I am looking forward to meeting you! Kind regards, Cristina



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