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Aoesta Mardan

Statistics and Environmental Science tutor

location Paola, KS
education University of Kansas

About Aoesta

My teaching experience includes undergraduate and graduate level courses in physical and natural geography, regional geography in North and South America, ArcGIS, remote-sensing, soil, and statistical analysis of geographical data. The classes required following and creating curriculums, lecturing, labs, and office hours. My students came from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. Student surveys consistently ranked me as excellent.
I earned my Ph.D. in Soil Geography from the University of Kansas, department of Geography and Atmospheric Science and my Masters in Geography and Geomorphology from the University of Sulaimanyah, Iraq, department of Geography. Following my Masters, I worked as a Lecturer at the University of Sulaimanyah and the University of Khanaqin, Iraq. I was a graduate teaching assistant while pursuing my Ph.D.
As an educator, I have always made it my top priority to meet my students where they are in terms of their learning styles, backgrounds, and unique skill sets. In my first teaching role, I was an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Sulaimani and the University of Khanaqin, both of which are located in a part of Iraq with a particularly diverse population in comparison to the rest of the country. In addition to coming from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, my students also represented a variety of ethnic groups and spoke different languages. After moving to the United States to pursue my PhD in soil geography, I continued to serve a diverse student body, which included a large number of international students as well as non-traditional students who worked full-time jobs or were married with children. Furthermore, as a single mother who had my first child at 19, I can empathize with students who are grappling with similar circumstances. I hope that I can use my own experience as a non-traditional student who eventually earned a PhD to provide support and encouragement to students who may be struggling to find the confidence to pursue their own academic and professional goals.


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