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Alex Bai

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 tutor

location Chicago, IL
education University of Chicago

About Alex

Hi! I'm a current UChicago Student with four years of online teaching experience. I earned over 15K USD in scholarships to college for my (PSAT) test scores alone, and an additional 60K USD in other merit-based scholarships! In addition to testing, I will also help you navigate scholarships.

I am purely self-taught, having worked my way from a 29 ACT / 1800 SAT on practice tests to a 35 ACT / 2300 SAT (single sitting) by borrowing SAT/ACT books and studying the tests meticulously.
As a result, I know these tests inside and out, and can help you master them.

If you want a tutor who:

-Can teach an average student to get a *perfect* score on the SAT/ACT math sections (this is my specialty, which I have done with many students!) in addition to improving massively on other sections

-Can help you find thousands of dollars in scholarships in addition to helping you prepare for these critical exams, which will more than make up for your investment in my tutoring services - doing well enough on the PSAT is almost a guarantee of a few thousand dollars in scholarships!

-Doesn't mind going overtime if needed, in order to really make sure the student understands the concept(s)

-Loves to teach, and will make any tutoring session an engaging and enjoyable experience

-Is kind, and will maintain any student's confidence and show him/her that it's possible to improve

...all for a very affordable price, I am the tutor for you!

Finally, although test-prep is my specialty, I am also available to teach any level of math up to AP Calculus BC (I earned a 5 on the exam).
If I teach math to middle school and high school students, I will make sure they get a firm understanding of what math really is, which is not rote memorization. I teach math in a way that will show them how all the topics are interconnected, and form a system of understanding that they can use to solve many different problems. This will put them far ahead of most of their peers.


University of Chicago


Mathematics / Computer Science


Awards & Honors

National Merit Scholar (SAT)




Algebra 1
Algebra 2

Test Preparation

ACT Writing
ACT Math
ACT Reading
ACT Science
SAT Math
SAT Reading
SAT Writing


ACT Writing
ACT Math
ACT Reading
ACT Science


SAT Math
SAT Reading
SAT Writing

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