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Igor Stojanovic

Music History and Music Composition tutor

location Chicago, IL
education Northern Illinois University
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About Igor

My name is Igor, and I am a recent graduate of Northern Illinois University’s School of Music, where I graduated and received my Master degree in Music (Jazz Studies, Drumset) in May 2017.
I have 13+ years of experience in performance and 4 years of teaching. Knowledge of coaching Jazz ensembles, teaching drumset (various styles), percussion lessons, Music Theory, Jazz Arranging, Jazz Improvisation (Vibraphone), Jazz Aural Improv skills/ Ear training, Percussion Ensemble, and Jazz History
In 2011, I came to the states as a receiver of a full ride scholarship at Benedict College, South Carolina, where I graduated ( 2015) and I earned Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring Music/Percussion. I received my Master degree in Jazz Studies, individualized specialization; Drumset, at Northern Illinois University.
As a GA, I was teaching Drumset and Percussion lessons for two years at Northern Illinois University and I was coaching Jazz combos.
I was a member of NIU Jazz Orchestra, for last two years, we performed at few outstanding Jazz festivals including Chicago Jazz Festival.
I started playing drums when I was 6 year old, I won two prizes at National Percussion Competition of Serbia, 1. Prize; 2007 and 2. Prize 2009. I have been teaching private lessons for 5 years. I performed abroad countries like Montenegro, Serbia, South Korea, Switzerland.
I was the snare section leader in the only drumline in South Eastern Europe, (Stankovic Percussion Ensemble), also I performed as a percussionist on professional level with high caliber symphony orchestras like: Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, National Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra of Serbia and in national Opera, as a sub percussionist.
I won two national prizes, 1. prize( 2007) and 2. (2009) at the National Percussion Competition of Serbia. I performed in various group settings, jazz, funk, rock, Classical Orchestra and Big Band setting. I played with Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra of Serbia, played for 3 years in South Carolina with outstanding jazz and funk musicians, I performed at Chicago Jazz festival with Big Band etc..

As one of my idols, Steve Gadd says:'' Adjustments never stop" I have been trying to stay adjustable for various styles and along performing and teaching I am still learning myself. I believe that the best learning occurs when a student reaches on that level that he/she start finding new things in music that are also new for us/educators as well. At this moment in music creativity, both, students and educators, start teaching one each other while they are enjoying the beauty of music.

The uncertainty becomes the essential focus in music sense, since neither professor nor student know what type of certain element will show up during next class of performing some tune, or some piece of music or during practicing simple exercise.


Northern Illinois University


Individ.Specialization; Jazz Studies, Drumset and Percussion


Awards & Honors

1. Prize award; National Percussion Competition of Serbia


2. Prize award, National Percussion Competition of Serbia


Student of Honor



Social Studies

Music History


Music History
Music Composition
Ear Training
Music Theory
Sight Singing

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