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Karen Fuentes

Elementary Math and English (K-8) tutor

location Kennesaw, GA
education Ashford University

About Karen

I graduated from Florida National University with an summa cum Laude award along with an associate of arts degree in education and I am a current student doing my bachelor's degree in education which I will graduate in 2018 in June. I realize while taking college classes that it is not much the classes that I enjoyed it was more the professors that made the class enjoyable. The professors that I have had are were and are always comprehensible and engaging when teaching the material in class and they are always willing to goa an extra mile when I asked for additional help or clarification when I needed it. I try to do bring this knowledge to my tutoring approach and do anything I can to make a learning experience a pleasant one. In addition, I use lesson plans to teach the material in a fun and creative way then I explicitly teach the material. I will also make sure that I provide time for students to practice the material on their own. I will adjust the method based on the subject and the individual student's needs. I have help tutoring sessions after school where students could come to me for any homework help. I have tutored for 6 years at Kumon tutoring center reading and math k to 7th grade. I have also worked before for two years in daycare's, at Christian churches doing tutoring, at libraries doing tutoring. I have an associate of arts degree in education. I have the patience to teach children. I am also a current tutor at Kumon tutoring center teaching reading and math, phonics. The student that I have tutored have done better in school and have also passed their classes with an A or B. I have them repeat the words three times and pronounce them for phonics and read the story to them and then ask them questions about the story once I have reviewed the story with them and they have captured much better reading and comprehension has gotten better in school. With math when I teach them an example of doing math problems then they follow my example with the problem i did and went over with the student they are able to get a different problem correct and most of the students have an A in their math classes. I use practice repeatedly. I also use word searches, word walls to teach new words and their meanings.

I am good at all math’s

I am a fantastic English tutor

I am flexible with my schedule.
I want to benefit the student that I work with as much as possible, therefore I welcome any resource that the students and parents can provide. I am easy to reach, and I will always provide fast responses. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions or to schedule a lesson.


Florida National University




Ashford University




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Summa Cum Laude




Elementary Math


English (K-8)
Reading & Comprehension




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