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Who am I? A kind, friendly, passionate and highly qualified educated teacher who has 13 years of teaching experience under my belt. I am enthusiastic and motivated about supporting and encouraging students to do their best. As an educator that’s been teaching for 13 years now, I aim to give students many learning opportunities and experiences as possible to engage, motivate, and prepare them for their future. An appropriate balance, proper planning, challenges, and creative curriculum is essential and important when developing student’s skills, knowledge and understanding. Every student should be allowed to work at their own pace. This way they can focus on the task at hand. Student’s progression needs to be planned. This is where differentiated instruction and meeting varied learning styles are key factors to effective teaching and learning. Students work should be set at an appropriate, but challenging level so students are comfortable at completing lessons.

I have my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Master’s degree in Curriculum Instruction with a minor in Reading/Language Arts. My degree has allowed me to teach reading in grades 2nd-5th. I am currently a 5th grade Reading/Writing. I have tutored students’ afterschool in reading and writing to prepare them for Standards Tests every year. I continue to further my education by attending Professional Developments so I can always be the best leader/teacher to my students and colleagues. As Teacher of the Year at my school, I demonstrate the importance of educating students to the best of my ability. With the passion I have for teaching, the confidence, and the number of years as an educator, I would be thrilled and honoured to make a difference in your education as the perfect tutor.



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