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Junda Chen

Algebra 1 and Elementary Math tutor

location New Haven, CT
education Berklee College of Music

About Junda

With a Bachelor's Degree from Berklee College of Music, I have been in many positions in the music industry. I worked as a voice teacher in a music school in Singapore, a concert producer for the Stop Asian Hate movement, a record producer for Japanese artists, a headlining performer, a background singer and so much more.

What I teach my students in music is the work ethic and attitude needed to succeed as a musician. Whether you want to sing or write songs, you have to DO THE WORK! Music is a language, and its vocabulary is developed through your own practice. Therefore, my teaching method is centered around building your musical vocabulary so you can express the sound from the bottom of your heart. It is a PRACTICE! Students who study with me will leave with a thick portfolio full of work and recordings they can use for any sort of applications.

In all my classrooms, I emphasize ear training. Music is meant to be heard and listened. Even though Beethoven went deaf, because he had such a strong foundation of sounds and notes, he can hear the music in his head. My students all walk away with the ability to hear music in their minds. In MUSIC THEORY, students will play the lesson materials on an instrument to internalize the feeling and sensation of harmony. Not only will they know the terminologies, they will be able to identify chords by ear when I play them on the piano. In VOICE LESSONS, I encourage students to observe their voice under different stimuli. They walk away with the ability to balance their head and chest voice. I also ask them to listen to their favorite singers and listen to the different nuance inflections they do whether that is a growl, a crescendo, or a riff and replicate those inflections. In MUSIC PRODUCTION, I require students to listen to other tracks and transcribe and remake the tracks. Just like how a baby learns to talk by listening to adults talk and emulate them, I will teach you how to develop your own musical language.


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