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My name is Cody Thayer. I recently graduated from UCSD with a B.S. in Neuroscience. I began tutoring my friends who were struggling in their math and science courses all the way back in high school. Whether it was helping a family friend or a neighbor who had posted on Nextdoor, tutoring was always something I found time for while pursuing my own academic endeavors. I love tutoring for two reasons:

1). Helping others understand ideas they once found confounding is a small step towards making the world a better place. Knowledge opens the mind to new ways of seeing the world, which is ever important for developing compassion and empathy. Two things we need more of in the world.
2). For me personally, teaching is an intellectually rewarding pursuit. It is a constant challenge to effectively simplify complex ideas in order to teach those struggling to understand them. A challenge I love because I can teach others while learning a lot myself. "While we teach, we learn" – Seneca.

In high school I was an overzealous AP student, taking every AP class that was offered. And in college I brought along that same vigor. My rigorous high school and collegiate coursework taught me the study habits necessary for academic success and provided me with the necessary knowledge to tutor students in a vast array of subjects, primarily the life sciences and mathematics. Additionally, working in the data science field and various research labs, I developed the critical thinking skills required of a good teacher. The opportunity to apply academic concepts in a business setting has given me great perspective on how to prepare students not just for their upcoming test, but for their futures as well.

I pride myself on my ability to patiently problem solve different ways to simplify and communicate scientific concepts in order to help students fully understand unintuitive ideas. I exude the necessary passion as well as purpose to teach students how to learn effectively. I find genuine joy in debunking the idea that understanding math and science is an innate skill, but rather something you can learn with the right teacher, tools, and study habits. Beyond the academic realm, I excel at working with kids. I grew up in a military family, so I moved a lot as a child, so I know how cruel a high school cafeteria can be. I not only understand the often overwhelming academic rigors of students but also the social stresses of being a kid. I have the compassion and empathy to not only be a great teacher but a great role model for your son or daughter.



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