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Trevor Butcher

Chemistry and Organic Chemistry tutor

location Pasadena, CA
education University of California - Berkeley

About Trevor

Hello! My name is Trevor B and I am a chemistry tutor with four years of teaching experience. I completed my Ph.D. in organic chemistry from UC Berkeley with a 4.0 GPA , and I completed my B.S. degree in chemistry from West Virginia University with a 4.0 GPA. Throughout my studies, I have always enjoyed teaching, and I have tutored for general chemistry, taught college courses in organic chemistry, graduate-level physical organic chemistry, and graduate-level organometallic chemistry. I specialize in the following topics:

General Chemistry
AP Chemistry
Organic Chemistry (1st and 2nd Semester)
Graduate-level Organic and Organometallic Chemistry

General chemistry, and especially organic chemistry, can be fast paced courses. Furthermore, the material in these courses can build up quickly, and concepts rapidly become interdependent. I like to teach the fundamentals and basic principles of each course and build upon those. In this way, my students can face any new problem with confidence.

I am easy to reach and generally provide fast responses. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question or would like to schedule a tutoring session. I look forward to working together! -Trevor

Ph.D. in Chemistry from UC Berkeley (4.0 GPA)
B.S. in Chemistry from West Virginia University (4.0 GPA)
4 years of teaching experience
9 publications, including one first-author publication in Nature

NSF Graduate Fellowship
Goldwater Scholarship
Chemistry SAT: Score of 800 (highest possible)
Chemistry GRE: Score of 960 (99th percentile)
Chemistry AP Test: Score of 5 (highest possible)

Feel free to contact me to learn more. If you have a specific topic you would like to learn about, I am more than happy to make a special lesson plan for that topic.


University of California - Berkeley


Organic Chemistry


West Virginia University






Organic Chemistry

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