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Monica Flores

Algebra 1 and Elementary Math tutor

... 34 hours tutored
location Palmdale, CA
education Antelope Valley College
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calendar 2 students
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About Monica

Hey my name is Monica Flores and I have been tutoring for five years now. I find that I enjoy helping people learn new skills that help them not only in school but also in life. I began tutoring back in 2012. I started by helping a 10 year-old girl with Spanish. I taught her the basics of the Spanish language for 3 months. This is when I discovered I could do this for a living. Since them I've tutored kids and adults in subjects ranging from Spanish, Basic Math, Algebra, Language Arts and US HIstory. My favorite subjects to tutor are English and U.S History, but I am comfortable tutoring in the other subjects as well. I like to help people as much as I can. I feel a strong sense of pride whenever one of my students has learned a new skill that was once hard for them.
When I was younger I myself needed a tutor for Calculus, but my mom could not afford one, so I just barely managed to pass the class. I wish I would have had a tutor there to help me do better. I never stopped feeling terrible about not doing my best in that class. I don't want other people to feel like I did, which is why I really value tutoring and take it very seriously.

I also like to work with whatever techniques work best for my students. I am flexible with my learning techniques and schedule. I work only 3 hours five times a week so I have lots of time. I am usually available after 2;30 pm Monday-Friday and available all day Saturday and Sunday.


Antelope Valley College


Fashion Design




Algebra 1
Elementary Math


English (K-8)
High School Level English
Essay Writing
Reading & Comprehension
Study Skills



Social Studies

U.S. History

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