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¡Hola! Me llamo Maria Jose Natera, y me encantaria ser tu maestra de español! (If you needed Google Translate for that, you should contact me :) )

I am a native Spanish speaker from Mexico. I moved here to L.A. in March and I really want to start tutoring again! When I lived in Mexico City I enjoyed helping American families who had moved there to learn Spanish. I've tutored people of all ages - from six years old to adults!

A little more about me - I graduated Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey with a bachelor´s degree in Industrial Design. I also have a degree in Interior and Object Design from Pforzheim Hochschule Fakultät für Gestaltung in Germany. When I moved to Germany I didn't speak a word of German, so I know what it's like to be the one learning a new language ... this has really made me a much better teacher, because I learned by being a student what works well and what doesn't to become conversational and then fluent as quickly as possible.

As a creative person, I enjoy making my tutoring methods fun and dynamic. In addition to meeting one-on-one for regular lessons, I love to go on field trips when possible to really help you remember the lesson by being immersed in it - if you're learning to speak about food, we can go to the market, if you're learning about how to interact day to day (ordering food, buying clothes, etc.) then we can go and have that experience. The point is to make it fun and make it natural and easy to remember!

When we first meet, I will ask you about your goals for reading, writing, and speaking so that I can create a customized teaching plan to best suit your needs and timeframe. Then we can set about reaching them together!

“Spanish is the second language with the highest number of speakers in the United States, after English” - let's get started!

No esperes más, aprende Español! I will be glad to teach you this beautiful language!



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