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My goal is to provide a convenient and helpful service. My joy in my work comes from seeing students understand something for the first time, like how to pick, arrange and plug in the correct equations to create a solution to a physics problem!

I'm a full time, online tutor committed to my students 9a-9p / 5 days a week (Monday-Thursday and Saturday) and after 2:00 on Sundays.

I do not have a set session length. For each student, I try to schedule enough time to cover that student's needs most of the time. For most students, I start out scheduling an hour-long session and we adjust the amount of time I schedule as we grow to better understand the student’s needs.

In addition to regular weekly lessons, I'm always willing to try to squeeze in an extemporaneous lesson in on another day of the week or another time of the day, as needed. Sometimes I try to re-arrange my schedule to better fit the needs of one student or another so students’ should feel free to switch things out as we go.

I do charge for last-minute cancellations. The charge is $19.50 for a same-day cancellation, but there is no charge for occasionally canceling a lesson with proper notice. Cancel for any reason - no need to hold a session if it isn't needed or wanted that day!!

I hold a California Teaching Certificate, in Mathematics and Composite Science, for Grades 6-12. I've held various positions in Los Angeles area schools including Math Teacher and Science Teacher. The schools and districts I've worked with include Austin ISD, Leander ISD, and University Charter Schools.

I have an Associates Degree from Austin Community College (ACC) and a BS from the University of Texas (UT). At ACC I was primarily interested in the Oracle database. At UT my interest was primarily Nutritional Biochemistry.

I started tutoring mathematics for the first time as a service of the National High School Honor Society at Westlake High School (back in 1985). I became interested in teaching mathematics professionally in 1994. At that time I was working as the Physics teacher at Crockett High School/Austin ISD and had an opportunity to teach computer math and become certified in mathematics. Over time my academic interests changed from science to technology to mathematics. After three years of working as a part-time Hey Tutor math tutor, I quit my job as a technology teacher with Bits, Bytes, and Bots and started working full time with Hey Tutor math students.



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