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Shaunti M

College Counseling and TOEFL tutor

location Inglewood, CA
education University of Kentucky

About Shaunti

I am a recent college graduate from the University of Kentucky. There I studied International Studies with a focus on relations in Europe and the French language. This major expanded my knowledge on many subjects, but for this position I believe my courses in, English, French, History and Globalization, may come of service because they equipped me with excellent writing and grammar skills in the American English language. I also have equipped the ability to adapt in multi-cultural settings. A skillset I believe is necessary when working in education. I speak and understand French and I am currently learning Spanish. Through learning another language I was introduced to the culture and the arts of countries around the world and am accustomed to multi-cultural environments.

The Kentucky Refugee ministry serves refugees in the Lexington, Kentucky community. As a volunteer I worked closely with the caseworkers in the employment office and assisted with helping finding jobs and helping our clients create resumes. I also spent a lot time in the ESL classroom with a teacher and another assistant. It wasn’t your average shadowing. I created lesson plans and printed handouts that I would later help our students work on. I excelled in the group/class settings when I took the floor, but I really like the one on one’s I had with some students. Their enthusiasm and dedication was inspiring to me and assured me I was meant to be a teacher.

I just recently moved to California because it is one of the most diverse capitals of this country. I have been a nanny here in Los Angeles to further my experience with children. By my educational background, relevant experience in a multicultural environment, and overall love of education, I am confident that I can offer you the candidate you are seeking. Feel free to reach me!


University of Kentucky


International Studies


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College Counseling


English (K-8)
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College Level English
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Social Studies

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