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I have such a passion for educating that I'm currently studying at University with the goal of attaining my PHD and becoming a university professor! I have one year left at UC Santa Cruz and have been tutoring for the last 8 years. I specialize in middle to high school but I have experience with tutoring college students as well.

Writing has always been my best subject (a skill that is essential to both getting accepted into as well as succeeding in college) and through experience in AP Literature and Language as well as heavy studying for the SAT, I have devised a FOOLPROOF method of steps to writing the perfect essay! This process takes some time to acclimate to and cannot be learned overnight, however anyone regardless of skill level can jump right in and be well on their way to earning only A papers in no time!

This method ensures that upon mastery, students will be able to respond completely to any prompt given to them, craft a concise and effective thesis, employ seamless transitions between paragraphs, refrain from meandering off topic, and check for verb tenses, spelling, punctuation, and other grammar mistakes.

I can tailor this method for any age or grade level and have experience teaching this method to ESL students. I also have experience teaching this method to ASL speakers, though I myself do not speak ASL.

In addition to writing, I'm available to tutor any middle school subject as well as any 9th or 10th grade subject. I am also available to tutor in the following AP courses: AP US History, AP Environmental Science, AP Literature, AP English Language and AP Government.

I bring an infectious, upbeat attitude to each tutoring session and am persistent, patient and non judgemental with all students.



University of California - Santa Cruz

Political Science




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