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Kathryn has discovered that compassion and academic performance are strongly positively correlated. It is on this foundation that she's built her success as a tutor and the successes of her students.

Kathryn is a professional private tutor and Effective Altruist who spends her life helping students understand tough concepts in math, science, English, and critical reading. Too often, she finds that her students are hard on themselves when they make mistakes, and she's found that the compassionate approach reliably produces the robust problem-solving skills her students are really after.

Kathryn received her BS in Molecular Biology from Harvey Mudd College in 2011. There, she studied such subjects as physical chemistry, linear algebra, multivariable calculus, organic chemistry, quantum physics, and molecular biology. Her background has provided her with the conceptual foundations to be expected of any professional tutor.

Kathryn has been tutoring since 2009, when she started volunteering for Upward Bound, a non-profit whose mission is to serve high-potential, low-income high school students. She woke up early every Saturday to help these students with their math and science homework. She attributes her unusual skill to these early years at Upward Bound.

It was on these Saturday mornings that Kathryn learned how to teach people how to teach themselves, and she’s now famous among her students for asking countless questions and holding long pauses while her students think.

Kathryn also coaches mindful learning, asking her students to pay attention to what it’s like, for example, to solve a math problem line by line. Why is it that this mistake happens here? Is it because of a lack of mathematical understanding? Or is it actually because the attention drifted? She is proud of her success with one student who transferred the focusing skills she’d learned riding horses to her moment-to-moment experience taking the ACT. This one 10-minute discussion boosted her ACT score to the 97th percentile.

She helps her students understand statistics and calculus and chemistry and biology and physics and history. She encourages them to work on their own outside of lesson time, and when they do, their efforts are greatly rewarded.



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