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Saniya Zafar

4.9 miles away

UIC Biology Grad 4+ years of Tutoring Experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology from UIC and 4+ years of tutoring experience across a a diverse age range. I thoroughly enjoy science courses and am able to break down concepts in a colloquial manner that is easy to understand. I have... See more

  • ... University of Illinois at Chicag...
  • subject Study Skills + 37 more
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Leah Metallo

2.9 miles away

URI Marine Science Graduate 6 Years Tutoring Experience!

Hello! My name is Leah Metallo and I am a recent graduate of the University of Rhode Island. I graduated with a B.S. degree of Marine Affairs and studied everything from biological sciences, statistics as well as environmental and social sc... See more

  • ... University of Rhode Island
  • subject Study Skills + 45 more
Over 10yrs. of tutoring experience in Math & Literacy!!!

Hello and Welcome!!! My name is Kendra Solomon.

I have worked in the Atlanta Public School system as an In-school tutor for Math... See more

  • ... Savannah State University
  • subject Study Skills + 15 more
Eric Ashby

4.9 miles away

Eric Ashby: History, Psychology, and more.

My name is Eric Ashby. I graduated from Mount St. Mary in 2015 receiving a bachelor's in History and Education. Along with this I have a minor in Psychology. If you need help with near any subject I can assist. Higher levels of Math and sci... See more

  • ... Mount St Mary's University
  • subject Study Skills + 13 more
Kelly Delaney

3.6 miles away

PhD Candidate at the University of Connecticut

I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Connecticut in the Department of Political Science. I specialize in American foreign policy in the Middle East, the War on Terror, and American Politics. I have six years experience teaching in high... See more

  • ... University of Connecticut
  • subject Study Skills + 16 more

Why You Need a Study Skills Tutor

Every student has different needs when it comes to studying. Some parents are focused on ensuring that their child is consistently earning good grades, while others may be focused on organization, note taking, and strategies for getting ahead in school.  As your child moves through one grade after the next, workloads increase and homework, quizzes, as well as tests, get much harder. The expectations of our young students have grown to new all-time highs and the pressure keeps piling on. A one-on-one study skills tutor can help your child become more independent with their studying while being able to better manage time and balance responsibilities.

Studying is something that absolutely has to be learned. We are not just born with knowledge of these study skills inside of us. You have to be around individuals who have these types of skills in order to ever pick them up in the first place. So if you have a child who is in school and studying is becoming increasingly important yet challenging for them, you know “I need a study skills tutor.” Teachers may not be able to help your child develop these types of skills or they just do not have the best study skills themselves. When you find a study skills tutor you will work with someone who is a professional and knows what it takes to develop your child’s ability to study well. Your child will be working with a tutor who is college educated, which means they have studied for and passed tests on the highest level. These skills will be easily transferable to your child and their needs, and they will be able to be used until your child gets their college degree. Working with study skills tutoring will truly help them achieve academic success.

As mentioned, study skills are not just natural for all of us. If you never went to college and struggled in high school but now currently need to take a test for a job, you understand how frustrating it can be to aimlessly study. “Study skills tutoring near me” is something you have probably begun searching for so that you can get the help you need. Our professional tutors will be able to make sure you organize all of your notes and study materials into something that is more digestible. No matter what you are studying for, it can feel overwhelming. Taking in all of this information and then being able to take a test can leave you feeling depleted. In order to eliminate this worry, you need to work with a one-on-one study skills tutor. You will learn all types of study skills which can be used toward you getting the grade you know you deserve. Hard work and dedication are what it is going to take to reach your goals and that is also what you will get from our tutors. If you put in the time toward learning these skills like they will make sure you are learning, you will achieve things you never thought were possible.

If you are in college and having problems with your studies this can truly feel like a hindrance. If studying is difficult it might feel like college just is not for you as it is at the core of every single class that you will take. However there is no need to get hasty, what you need to do is find a private study skills tutor. This way you can get tools that will work in all of your classes and have the confidence you need to know that you are studying in the right way. It may be hard to believe, but there is such a thing as good studying and bad studying. If you just read the textbook you are not going to put yourself in position to pass. It is rare that a class covers an entire textbook, what happens is the professor picks and chooses what they go over in lectures. So if you just read it in its entirety you will be wasting your time. Your mind will be crammed with unnecessary materials and when you start the test you will be lost or confused. Getting this type of individual help will work with you at your own pace. The consistency of working with a professional tutor who can fine-tune your study skills is invaluable.

John Bilello

3.6 miles away

Albert Einstein College of Medicine Graduate

Dr. John Bilello was one of the original founders of the Homework Center at G.W. Carver Middle School in downtown Baltimore. We recruited professors, and medical students to tutor students after school. I was a long term jounal editor and h... See more

  • ... Albert Einstein College of Medic...
  • subject Study Skills + 9 more
Katie Sieck

2.2 miles away

You've got this! Let's team up and help you master that tough subject.

Hi! I'm Katie, and I'm currently a student myself -- I know what it feels like to struggle with a tough class, some tough homework, and yes, even a tough semester.
... See more

Haley Sullivan

1.9 miles away

Artist with a passion for teaching art and art history to any level

I got my Bachelor's in Painting with a Minor in Psychology at Salem State University and my Master's in Visual Arts from New Hampshire Institute of Art. I am a positive and kind teacher that believes you just need to find a connection to yo... See more

  • ... Salem State University
  • subject Study Skills + 13 more
Jenny Ventura

1.7 miles away

USC Neuroscience Graduate

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Neuroscience and my goal is to become a physician. I most recently took my MCAT, and I am currently in the medical school application cycle. In short, I love sciences such as biochemistry, biology, organic

  • ... University of Southern Californi...
  • subject Study Skills + 18 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Study Skills Tutor

Having a reputable study skills tutor means that your child will be prepared for any type of test or quiz that is coming up. Study skills tutoring gives your child a major advantage to approaching test taking with a newfound knowledge of helpful strategies and tools. Improving a child’s study habits helps to improve grades, and ultimately leads to a jump in confidence, it’s a win-win situation. With a simple search of  "study skills tutor near me," we ensure that you will have a tutor that provides a lifetime of great study habits early on which will continue to have a positive impact in school for years to come.

Transitions are always challenging, but especially when you go from middle school to high school. Your child might not have had to study all that much while in middle school, or when they did it was the bare minimum. This was good enough for them to get the grades that they wanted to skate by, but in high school that is not going to be the case. Classes are not as easy and the workload increases almost tenfold. When this happens your child might find that they are in over their head and do not have the study skills that are needed to find success. High school is important toward getting into college and if your child’s grades are slipping away this could hurt them in the long run. So your child needs the assistance of a private study skills tutor who can help them build on the skills that they will use for the remainder of their studies.

The best thing about test preparation tutoring that it does not matter what grade level is or what your struggles are as a student. They will be able to help guide you toward being the success you know you are capable of becoming. However, you just are not getting the personalized attention that you need to create necessary study skills. Although we learn several things while in school, it is rare that there are any courses or classes entirely dedicated to your success as a student through studying. To build upon these skills you are going to have to work with someone who is going to be committed to your success. They are going to create a curriculum that is based on exactly what you are looking for so you are able to reach all of your goals. There is no reason why you will not be able to study in a way that is beneficial to you if you follow the instructions and do the work assigned by your tutor. This is because what your tutor is giving you is designed to make sure that you succeed.

Since study skills are not something that is typically offered as a class, as a teacher you might notice a trend with your students. If you are teaching and you start to notice that your class has bad study habits you might be interested in working with a study skills tutor. They will be able to teach you study skills that you wish you would have known while you are in school. But not only will they be able to teach you these skills but they will inform you on how to teach them to your students. This way both you and your students are getting the most out of these sessions. With that being said, in order for this to happen our professional tutors really prioritize two things. They want your student to have fun but also they want them to be comfortable. When these two things happen your child is being set up to learn in the best possible situation. Learning should not be something that is hard or causes a ton of frustration. When this is happening you as a parent need to take a step back and reevaluate the learning style your child is being exposed to. This is exactly what you will be doing when you step away from the typical classroom setting and work with a one-on-one tutor. Your student will start to enjoy themselves and really become the best possible student. Studying is going to be something that they are absolutely going to have to do, so they might as well find a way that makes sense to them and is a good time. Our tutors understand this and are committed to making it happen for your student.  

HeyTutor offers study skills tutoring for elementary aged children all the way up to college! Even if your child is an excellent student our tutors work with each and every one of their scholars to build a strong foundation of self-assurance while maximizing grade averages. Let our team of experts take the reins and find the best study skills tutor for you or your child today.

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Jon was instrumental in my daughter’s success overcoming a challenging Freshman year in High School. He’s great at adapting to students’ specific needs and is very patient.

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