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Bianca D.

from Vienna (15.09 miles away)

$ 50 / hour

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GWU Psychology Grad | Former IB & AP Student | Future ME.d Grad

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and will be pursuing my Masters Degree in Education Spring 2018. Through Taking IB Courses and AP courses in H... See more

  • ... George Washington University
  • ... Study Skills + 8 more
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Why You Need a Spanish Tutor

Are you planning on studying abroad? Maybe you’re learning Spanish to get a better paying job? Whatever the reason for your newfound language, it is best to have a 1-1 tutor so that lessons can be adapted to your specific needs. Learning a language at an older age is more difficult, but having the right tutor can make the process quicker and fun!


Vocabulary plays a fundamental role in mastering a new foreign language. Having a good comprehension of words allows you to further develop all the skills necessary when truly mastering a new language. Learning Spanish is no exception. Spanish tutors can help teach you more than what words mean, but how to have a natural conversation with a native Spanish speaker. You may have a busy schedule, but with a language tutor, you can accommodate your changing work or travel schedules and not worry about missing a lesson. Tutors understand things that come up and can adjust their schedules from day to day based on your availability. These college tutors know first hand what it takes to set language goals. They are fresh out of school and have a modern idea of what is expected, and are able to use a wide range of resources to make your experience memorable

Benefits of Hiring a Spanish Tutor

The benefits of hiring a Private Spanish Tutor are boundless. Having the opportunity to progress at your own pace is great if you are a fast learner, and even better if you need a little more guidance in your path to learning your new language. You can learn Spanish at a much faster pace, and be amazed yourself at how much progress you can make in just a few lessons. While your friends are attending classes to learn Spanish, you will see that working with a tutor, as opposed to learning in a group setting, your getting the best education around. You have more attention to detail and application of the vocabulary words. Meaning that you learn the vocabulary, and are immediately able to practice these new skills with your tutor.


In addition to catering to your Spanish language needs, with your Spanish language tutor can you can take charge, make a plan with your tutor, and reach your language goals. You get to decide exactly what you want to learn and have the lessons structured to your Spanish speaking needs. You can focus on widespread conversation, chat with your friends or family, learn multifaceted grammar and syntax, or ask for directions. No need to feel intimidated by starting a new language. With a one on one setting you won’t have to compare yourself to others that are at higher levels than you, so you can confidently participate and get the most out of the lessons as possible. Nonetheless, if you are more advanced than level one Spanish but not quite at level two, you wont have to waste your time repeating what you already know. You can pick up right where you left off and incorporate the skills you already have. Another benefit of having a tutor that is worth mentioning is that you pay as you go. Unlike taking a Spanish language course, you only have to pay for your actual sessions.


With your future at stake, Heytutor has the right tutor to help guide you right to your goals. We know that if you’re in high school or college you have a lot going on. Heytutor is here to take some of the pressure off your shoulders and set you up with a tutor when and wherever you need it. Your worries are minimized as we find tutors at your disposal, and make sure the qualifications are more than you could ever expect. We take pride in who represents Heytutor so all of our tutors are pre-screened leaving you with an array of talented tutors. We are extremely confident with our staff that we allow a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your first lesson. Finding the right match is important for the learning process. Sign up today and find the perfect tutor for you.

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