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Dr Doretha Smith

3.3 miles away

A business instructor with over 10 years of tutoring college students

I hold a Ph.D. in Business (Management and Organization) from Capella University and have over 10 years of extensive experience tutoring college level students (undergraduate and graduate). I specialize in thesis writing (APA, 6th edition)... See more

Dana Lewis

2.8 miles away

Holds Three Master's Degrees with 20+ years of tutoring experience.

I have been a teacher, educator and tutor for over 20+ years, providing students with the essential knowledge to succeed in various subjects. I am a subject matter expert and hold a Master's Degree in Business Management, Organizational Lea... See more

  • ... Wilmington University
  • subject Social Coach + 28 more
Katie Johnson

3.7 miles away

Experienced Tutor with Graduate Degree

I have a Bachelor's degree from Columbia University (Major: Theatre Literature and History, Minor: Economics) and a Master of Social Work degree from Fordham University. I also have 7 years of extensive experience tutoring students of all a... See more

  • ... Columbia University in the City...
  • subject Social Coach + 41 more
Hannah Corral

4.2 miles away

Help students achieve academic goals AND learn to love education!

I have a passion for education! I grew up in a family that really values education and I want to share that value with others. I have done a bit of traveling and gained a new admiration for a rounded education. The summer of 2018, I was te... See more

Marian Allo

3.9 miles away

Experienced educator

Hi, my name is Marian. My core belief is that each and every individual has the potential for growth and independence regardless of intellectual or physical limitations. I am a special needs educator of 32 years. I have taught in a variety

  • ... Slippery Rock University of Penn...
  • subject Social Coach + 11 more

Why You Need a Social Coach Tutor

Does your child have a hard time socializing? Are you worried that they can’t make friends, or that they feel awkward in social situations? Well working with a social coach tutor can really help melt away some of those anxieties. Social coach tutoring can teach your child what they need to know in order to thrive in social situations. A private social coach tutor can not only teach but give the direction, support, and encouragement you or your child needs. They can push you toward having more interactions than you would ever put yourself into so this way you will learn to become more comfortable in social situations at your own rate. To find a social coach tutor is to find confidence through competence and how to be comfortable in situations you find discomforting.

As a child, dealing with social anxiety can be highly isolating. Your child might not want to go outside and hang out with friends, and going to school can be a true struggle for them. It can be difficult to watch your child deal with something such as this and you might not know how to help with it at all. On top of that, it can affect the way things are going at home so there is turmoil in all aspects of their life. This can create a disconnect between you and your child simply because you are unsure of how to deal with these issues. When this is the case you know “I need a social coach tutor.” To make sure your child is able to overcome this obstacle they absolutely have to work with one of our professional tutors. This will give them the tools to be able to step outside of their comfort zone and discover their inner happiness.

Being social is not just something that young children have trouble with if the issues were never addressed they will not go away. If your child is in high school and still dealing with social issues then you know you need to find a “social coach tutor near me” or “social coach tutoring near me.” This can hurt your child in all aspects of their life including school if they are not able to interact in social settings. Our high school social coach tutors know how important this is for their overall growth as both students and people in general. They will be able to teach how important this is by showing them things in a different and unique light. What your child learns from the tutor will be able to be applied in several aspects of their life. High school is just the beginning, your child is going to have to be social for the remainder of their life especially if they hope to have success in the working world. A private social coach tutor will make sure this happens and that your student is ready to move on in life.

Having to deal with social issues as an adult can hinder you from several opportunities in life. Often when you are on the hunt for the job, employers are more interested in who you are as an individual than what you bring to the table. If you have a fantastic resume but are not as social as another applicant who has another similar resume that misses one or two skills that you possess, you might find yourself out of a job. The office setting is like a family where you spend the majority of your time so employers want to put people who fit in. If you are not a social person this might put you in a position where you will be left out of a job you are qualified for, which seems unfair but is a reality. Our networking tutors know the importance of being able to be social and can pass these on to you. You will be working with someone who is not only a tutor but also a working professional who applies their practices almost on a daily basis. This is definitely not something you can pass up if you do not want to be passed on by the job of your dreams. Social skills are almost as important as what you have on your resume, so let one of our tutors ensure you have what it takes.

Allison Holland

4.7 miles away

Elementary Educator Looking to Support Students

I have a bachelors in Psychology and I am currently in graduate school for School Psychology. I was a first grade teacher for 2 years so I am very familiar with the elementary curriculum. Currently, I am a social and emotional learning teac... See more

  • ... University of Central Florida
  • subject Social Coach + 4 more
Zachary Dyer

1.1 miles away

BU English Grad with 4 years of experience.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University in 2011 with a degree in English and Theatre, focusing primarily on dramatic literature. I have worked in the theatre as an editor/researcher for educational theatre programs for four years... See more

Thomas Elferis

3.9 miles away

Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach Guru, Athlete, & TEFL/TESOL Certified!

My client's tell me that what makes me so unique and their end results so trans formative is the fact that I am a fantastic listener! Along with my college and certification studies, the overall life experience that I possess translates int... See more

  • ... Queens College of the City Unive...
  • subject Social Coach + 13 more
Hartwick College Biology Major, Psychology Minor

Throughout college I focused my studying on the pre-medical track. My focus in this track was neurobiology and biopsychology. I love to learn and love to teach those that want to learn. I reduce complex topics into simpler sub-sections to i... See more

Hailey F.

1 miles away

History MA with 7+ years of teaching and tutoring experience!

I graduated cum laude from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a BA in History, and went on to get my MA in Comparative Religious Studies. I have an extensive background when it comes to teaching -- I've taught at the college, high scho... See more

  • ... University of Nevada - Las Vegas
  • subject Social Coach + 14 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Social Coach Tutor

Social interaction is a huge part of being well and happy. Without many friends or people to talk to you are more likely to fall into a depression and close yourself off from the world. Working with a social coach tutor will keep you feeling active and involved in your own life. You’ll start to feel more confident and see opportunities to enjoy your life in a plethora of ways. Your social coach tutor does not want you to become a different person but they want to help uncover the best version of you so you can confidently share that with the world.

If your child is dealing with social anxiety they most definitely do not want to take a class in a group session or in a classroom setting. The good thing for them is our tutors will work with them in a one-on-one setting where they feel comfortable. By doing this it will allow your child to open up to our tutor and show their inner self. Then our tutors will give them the confidence to be able to share this side of themselves with the rest of the world. More often than not this is a situation of your child being afraid to step outside of their comfort zone. Our tutors will eliminate this fear through exercises and lesson plans that are shaped around your child. They will asses your child and see what their goals are during these sessions so that they can set realistic milestones for your child to meet.

After each session your child will start building confidence, using the methods taught to them by their tutor, toward being more social. This will carry over to every aspect of their lives and you will see them start to enjoy things much more. Since being social is supposed to be an experience that brings us joy, our tutors will bring this out of your child. They will make sure that the exercises are as fun as possible so that your child can associate being social with having fun. Once this happens, going out and being more social will be something that they look forward to doing. They will want to hang out with friends and meet new people because our tutors will help them tap into this side of their personalities. We want your child to be as comfortable as possible and have a fantastic time while learning how to be the best version of themselves.

As an adult who is trying to become a better professional, it is much more difficult to step out of that comfort zone. What you have been doing has been working well enough but you know that you have not been your best. And if you find yourself missing out on opportunities you actually care about you know that your social anxiety is holding you back. Our tutors know that this can happen to anyone, but they will use years of working with people like you in order to help. Your time will not be wasted as your tutor will work with you to help you bring the best out of yourself in the workplace if that is what you want.

You will find that the tools they give you will translate perfectly into a working environment but also into your everyday life. You may go in hoping just to gain the tools needed to get the job you want. But our tutors want you to be happy in all aspects of life. They will not force anything on you, but if you do the lessons and pay attention there is no reason why you should not be as social as you possibly can be both at work and in your everyday life.

HeyTutor offers a fantastic platform of professional and understanding tutors that can really tune into your needs as a working professional, student or a child. You’ll benefit from learning how to start an enjoyable conversation and walk into a room with confidence. Learning how to hold an intriguing conversation is a skill, just like learning to surf or to throwing a softball. And once you know how, you will find that it is quite easy for you. Our talented team of reps can put you in contact with a fabulous social coach tutor who can release your inner social butterfly.