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Shaun Hoversten

1.9 miles away

High Level Mathematics Teacher and Tutor with 14 years experience

I have 14 years of teaching experience, 12 years of coaching experience, a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics Education, working on my 2nd Master's Degree, and am College Credit Plus accredited. I can tutor any grade or level of Mathematics,... See more

  • ... Kent State University
  • subject Sign Language + 16 more
Eric Chausow

2.7 miles away

UCSD Poli Sci Student w/ +4 years tutoring College Students

I'm currently a Political Science student who's on pace to graduate this year. I've been tutoring for the last 4 years for both Community College and University level students, but I love tutoring those of all ages! I have an expansive unde... See more

  • ... University of California - San D...
  • subject Sign Language + 4 more
Porsha Greene

3.6 miles away

ASL Instructor

Well Hello there! I am Ms. Greene, I’m a young, energetic and well rounded tutor. Although I am new to HeyTutor, I have been tutoring for a few years now with relatives, neighbors and at times complete strangers! I offer tutor sessions in a... See more

  • ... Monroe County Community College
  • subject Sign Language + 14 more
Derya Turker

2.2 miles away


I’m a native french speaker and would like to offer my teaching experience and services to all my students.
... See more

  • ... Zaytuna College
  • subject Sign Language
Rachel C.

4 miles away

Certified Teacher passionate about helping students love learning!

Greetings! My name is Rachel - I am currently a homeschooling mom to my 4 Blessings. Prior to staying home, I was a Special Education Teacher for 3 years, covering Pre-K through 9th grade. Since 2012, I have been providing tutoring services... See more

  • ... Western Governors University
  • subject Sign Language + 15 more

Why You Need a Sign Language Tutor

Are you(or your student) taking an American Sign Language course and find yourself struggling with many of the ASL topics? Do you need someone to practice with? Are you looking for individualized tutoring lessons and professional help while learning sign language? Then sign language tutoring is the right choice for you. They can really help you improve your grade and work with you at your own pace. A sign language tutor can also help you get instant feedback from a sign language professional while improving your expressive and receptive skills.

Finding a sign language tutor who not only understands how to use ASL but actually knows how to teach is rare. When you work with a sign language tutor through HeyTutor you will start to see the results you want right away, as our tutors are experienced professionals. ASL is an important part of society and understanding how to use it is a valuable asset for anyone to have at some point in their life. If you are in high school you know the importance of this, which is probably why you have started to learn it at a young age. Learning sign language can put you at an advantage when you are looking to enroll in colleges but it also puts you in a position to be able to help others. Regardless of the reason if you find yourself struggling or just want to get a better understanding, one of our high school sign language tutors can assist you.

In college we often find ourselves having to take some sort of language in order to graduate no matter what our major is while enrolled. For those of us who were not proactive enough to take a language in high school that was able to transfer over for credits, a sign language course might be something to look into. That does not mean that this course will be easy but nonetheless, it is a skill worth learning especially for anyone looking into careers such as nursing or even something like teaching. Having the ability to use sign language can open several doors for you in many different fields as it will look fantastic on your resume. However, if you are thinking about the benefits and not focusing on your studies you know "I need a sign language tutor," more specifically a college sign language tutor from HeyTutor.

Hearing loss is actually a bit more common than we think in America and the need for individuals to learn sign language is essential. If you find yourself in a position where you need to learn sign language for a family member or a loved one, you need to find a sign language tutor you can trust. Not many people use sign language, as most individuals with full hearing loss decide to read lips. However, there are several benefits to learning sign language especially if you have young children. If you learn sign language with a private sign language tutor you will be able to pass it down to your children which will help their development exponentially. The best way to retain information is to be able to teach the subject you are learning, and you will be helping your children at the same time. Whatever you learn from your professional tutor when you find a “sign language tutor near me” can easily be passed down to your child. Or if you find yourself in a position where your child has hearing loss, the both of you can learn together when you find trustworthy“ sign language tutoring near me” through HeyTutor.

Sign language tutoring is important no matter where you are on your journey to learn the language. In America, not many people know two languages despite it being the norm in the majority of the developed world. Sign language is a fantastic start for children at a young age or a great language for anyone to learn if they want to add additional skills to their resume or simply help people. The more you know the more of an asset you can be in the world, and our one-on-one sign language tutors will be your guide. You need a professional sign language tutor you can trust to give you the knowledge to not only learn the first time but to retain the information. Our talented and well-educated sign language tutors can assure that this happens and that you enjoy yourself during the tutoring process. They can help you with everything from better understanding a particular topic or aspect of ASL to preparing for tests.

Cheyenne Mojica

3.5 miles away

UT Tyler Student with 1 year of one-on-one English tutoring experience

I am working towards a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication Multimedia Journalism at UT Tyler and have a year of experience tutoring college students in English and essay writing. I specialize English and essay writing, and craft teachi... See more

  • ... University of Texas at Tyler
  • subject Sign Language + 37 more
Carlos C.

4.5 miles away

Math Tutor and Coach American Sign Language Deaf

Lesson planning, needs assessment, and visually engaging educational techniques are a few areas that I have gained experience and thorough comprehension. Throughout my academic career, I honed my communication, creativity, and motivational

  • ... Gallaudet University
  • subject Sign Language + 33 more
Kaitlin Brown

2 miles away

Writing Skills and Test Prep Tutor w/10 years experience with disabled

I'm working on my master's online and love tutoring. I firmly believe that people have not been taught how to show their skills well and the setup of testing makes it hard for people to illustrate their best work. I have had significant exp... See more

  • ... University of Wisconsin - Green...
  • subject Sign Language + 30 more
James M.

1.5 miles away

Teaching in American Sign Language and acting

Hello, everyone. My name is James but they call me Jmac. My specialities are acting, physical theatre, physical comedy (slapstick) and American Sign Language. I love showing the rich potentials of body language and American Sign Language. I... See more

  • ... Gallaudet University
  • subject Sign Language + 18 more
Kyra Heberle

2.6 miles away

Penn State Graduate with Experience in Multiple Subject Areas

As a Psychology student, I have been given to opportunity to gain a wide breadth of knowledge during my undergraduate career. I am particularly knowledgable in English-related subjects (i.e. grammar, syntax, proofreading, etc), as writing p... See more

  • ... Pennsylvania State University
  • subject Sign Language + 32 more

Benefits of Hiring a Sign Language Tutor

A major advantage of hiring a private sign language tutor is having someone to help you face any of your language or academic challenges. HeyTutor can help you connect with one of a kind “sign language tutoring near me.” Our tutors offer guidance in everything from the culture of ASL to signing. Sign language tutoring with HeyTutor provides much-needed clarity in the course and alleviates any anxiety you may have toward taking tests or completing your homework. The language tutor works at the student’s pace which is vital when struggling on certain concepts more than others. Our tutors truly value the one on one time that is spent with their students. Each session is spent focusing on specific issues and your child is receiving every bit of the attention that they don’t get in the traditional classroom environment.

Being in a classroom presents several issues when it comes to learning a language, especially ASL. It is known that one of the least effective classes in the classic classroom setting is learning a language because most students never truly grasp the material. To truly learn a language you have to use it with people who speak the language and in the case of ASL, you have to be around people who actually sign. Our one-on-one sign language tutors have extensive backgrounds in the subject and have been teaching for years if not decades. This is not including the years of experience they have actually using ASL on a daily basis. So you will be learning from a sign language tutor who not only knows how to teach the subject but also uses ASL which is invaluable when learning any language.

The classroom setting can be in primary or secondary education but it seems to be all the same. Even in college, several people graduate not learning a second language despite being required to enroll in at least three semesters of a language course. It's a flawed system that does not work on any level, but the students who do succeed spend time with personal tutors or overseas. College is a fun time in most students life but it is also a highly difficult one as you find your classes are much tougher than they were in high school. You have a larger workload and it is harder to balance, not to mention that in your sign language class you are not truly learning. Struggling in a college class is a strange spot to find yourself in because the teacher has to keep things moving. In high school, most teachers seem to be teaching for the majority, which is why there are advanced classes for the children who excel. In a language course in college, the professors teach the best students in the class. They often only communicate in sign language the entire class and if you find yourself struggling with your signs, you will get buried. The homework will become too much to handle and you will dread going to class, fearing you may be called on and not know the answer.

Our language tutors want to eliminate this idea that it has to be this way by making learning fun. Learning sign language is another way for you to communicate with an entire set of people you otherwise would never be able to speak to. This should be an exciting experience for you, not one filled with disappointment and doubt. At HeyTutor we know the importance of enjoying the subject you learn while you are learning so that you pass the class and also retain the information. Our sign language tutors are special in their approach as they will set their lesson plan around you.

Most teachers just set a lesson plan even before they know who is enrolled in their course and they use the same one for years. We will never do that as there is no one way to approach learning, which is something HeyTutor private sign language tutors truly understand. Years of experience teaching has done that for them and they apply this in every single lesson. Having your own private sign language tutor will put you in a position to truly understand this difficult language. With our team of experts at HeyTutor, we can turn your child into a fluent signing student. Give your child a chance to learn sign language without the stress and pressure, our sign language tutors can help!