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College can be a very cut throat environment.  Classes, especially upper level courses, are typically curved, inherently meaning you will be competing against your classmates for a grade or to even pass. You were probably pretty smart in high school and were able to succeed without putting a ton of work in, but this applies to most college students, meaning you’re competing with students with roughly the same intellect as you have.  The only way to succeed and get the grades you want is to outwork everyone else and gain every advantage possible.

Thinking you can put in the same amount of effort in college as you did in high school is just a recipe for disaster and rarely works out for most people.  Most college students are told this and still ignore it, but trust us when we say it’s a much harder lesson to learn on your own. One technique professors often recommend is studying in groups, as students can fill each other’s knowledge gaps in certain areas, but this is also rarely the case.  Often times your classmates come to these meetings unprepared or working on other subjects and expect you to answer all of their questions; not exactly conducive to a successful meeting.  Even if one person in the group isn’t on task, it sets the whole team back. Sometimes, people can give you wrong or misleading information, which is self explanatory as to why this is detrimental.  This is why you need to be working with someone who knows their stuff, and we at HeyTutor work with only the most knowledgeable, personable and experienced pros.

Admitting you need help with something is never easy, but it’s the first step in your path to success.  However, trying to take one step forward can set you far back if you go about it the wrong way. Other tutoring companies will push online tutoring on you and they will offer almost unfathomably cheap rates, which can be very tempting.  Unfortunately, there is often a reason that they are so cheap: these tutors are often unprepared, unprofessional, no shows or know less about the subject than you! This can be incredibly frustrating and could discourage you from seeking more help in the future, which is a very dangerous precedent to have.  When I was a junior in college taking Differential Equations, I signed up for one of these services promising a first rate Differential Equations tutor at a second rate price, and I quickly discovered in my first meeting that I wasn’t going to get what I signed up for. The service had matched me with a first semester freshman who was able to sign up as a tutor because he had taken Advanced Placement Calculus in high school.  Not exactly the requisite experience to tutor in differential equations. These experiences are all too common, which is why you need someone you can trust can help you succeed. Needless to say, you shouldn’t be paying to be the tutor for someone else, and we founded HeyTutor on the principle that no student should have to go through this experience again.

This all isn’t to say that decent tutoring should cost an arm and a leg, but you will soon find that you get what you pay for, and that just one hour with someone who can really help you is more valuable than 20 hours with the wrong tutor.  If you were looking to pick up, say Spanish, you wouldn’t exactly find it helpful to meet with a German tutor, would you?

Good tutors know their worth, as do others.  They get booked up quickly and value commitment, which is why we offer 10, 20 and 30 hour plans, to ensure that they get that commitment from students that really want help.  We also believe that the best way to learn is when you have a cohesive relationship with your instructor/tutor, which that takes time to foster.

One of the most helpless feelings in the world is getting to the end of a semester and feeling unprepared for the final exam, which is why it’s important to get help early and often if you find that there’s a problem.  Our professional tutors are only the most experienced and exemplary professionals, and we require five years of tutoring experience and that hold at least a bachelor’s degree. You can be confident that the tutor you will be matched with will be a person specifically tailored to your needs, and if you are looking for a tutor with specific personality traits, teaching styles or level of experience we are more than happy to accommodate that.

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