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Growing up there were a few courses I struggled with while in high school and college. In particular, it was one math class in high school, as I always found myself struggling to focus when I did not understand. I would get sent to the office for talking too much because I was bored and had no idea how to do the work. So instead of trying to get the attention of the teacher, I chose to act up in class, thus resulting in me getting kicked out. After that happened several times and my grades started to plummet I decided to approach the teacher one-on-one. Which turned out to be the best decision I could possibly make as I began to actually understand most of the subjects. The teacher I had previously thought was incapable of teaching me anything math related suddenly showed me how enjoyable math could be if I applied myself. The one-on-one sessions proved to work for me and also for many other students who are struggling in some sort of course. Whether it be English literature or pre-algebra, the best way to get out of a slump is with individual tutoring sessions with someone who knows what they are doing.

Group Tutoring and the Classroom Setting

Working with a group of people, especially as a kid who does not want to be in school in the first place, presents way too many distractions for the student. Just about every kid in America is going to choose to mess around with their friends in class than to ask a teacher a tough question. On top of that, there is the potential ridicule that comes attached to asking the wrong thing at the wrong time. No one wants to be laughed at for voicing a legitimate concern about an issue they are having. Along with that, the tutor is simply overwhelmed in a group classroom setting and cannot give you the attention to every single student they need to truly succeed.

This has nothing to do with the competency of the tutor, but it is simply impossible to give every student the type of attention they need within one given block of a group tutoring session. Board work is just that, bored work. Most students tune out at this time, even those who understand because it is a waste of their time. And because the tutor only has so much time in a session so she has to move at a speed that is often much too fast for students who do not understand. When this happens students begin to zone out, or in my case, they disrupt the group tutoring session. This creates chaos and an environment where no one can truly learn under any circumstance.

Once the tutor has finished the board work and begins to go from student to student, the individual sessions only last a minute or two. By the time the tutor explains one part of an equation (which still doesn't get you to the answer) another student is raising their hand and the tutor has to go help them out. Once she leaves, it feels as if you are back to square one. Unsure of what to do or where to go to find the answer. The natural response is to once again zone out, act out or just hope and pray the session ends so you can leave. It is not an environment conducive to learning for kids who are truly struggling. Those who do not understand the material need to get one-on-one help from a tutor.

One-On-One Tutoring

When you are having difficulty understanding a topic, or simply do not thrive in a typical classroom setting getting tutored by one individual is the way to go. For example, if math is your weakness and you are on the verge of failing you will want to be matched up with a tutor who has expertise in the subject. Sitting down with the tutor and focusing on what it is you are struggling with is impertinent to your success. Unlike in a group setting where the tutor hops around from student to student, your individual tutor will sit there and break down the problem in a way you understand. Working with HeyTutor will give you a tutor who has years of experience and knows how to tailor the lesson to exactly what it is you need.

The tutor can go over what you have already learned, make sure you are retaining that information. They will pinpoint your strengths and work on your weaknesses. As the tutor continues to work with you they will get a better understanding and essentially you will be learning much more than you would have in the traditional group setting. After a few sessions of going over what you have learned and making sure it has stuck, ideally you will be ahead. Or at the very least you are moving at a pace that is beneficial to your learning style which is the only way you are sure to get the information you need to pass the class.

But the thing about HeyTutor is that our tutors want to go above and beyond. Naturally, they want to help you pass your course so that you do not have to repeat it or go to summer school. No one wants that, but if you are going to have to take this course they want to make sure it is as fun as possible. This is much different from the tradition tutoring groups or settings where the main goal is simply to pass. When we match you with a tutor, we want to make sure it is a perfect fit and that they create a comfortable, enjoyable environment for you to thrive. This is one of the best ways to retain information. Think about all the lyrics you know word for word because you were having fun with your friends singing along. Now think of any poems you can recite that you were forced to memorize in a class. By making what you are learning fun, it is easier for you to maintain that knowledge. If the tutor is the right fit and you hit it off, you might even find that you enjoy the subject you once dreaded.


Overall, everyone learns in different ways and there is not a formula to academic success. That’s why our tutors at HeyTutor create lesson plans based on what works for the student. This way the student is happy and gets the solution they want, which is typically to pass the class. By accomplishing this the tutor pushes the student to learn things they once thought were impossible. Now they have gained new skills from a tutor they have developed a lasting relationship with and has made learning fun, which we believe should be a major factor in the education process.

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