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You Want To Get Into One Of The Best Colleges?

Getting into one of the best colleges in the nation can be a rigorous task. It is a decision that you make at a young age that can impact you for the rest of your life. So it goes without saying that this is one of the most stressful times in any high school student’s life and it all happens so fast. But the best thing you can do is to prepare yourself, especially if you are aiming to get into one of the best schools in the country. If that is your goal you have probably been planning since you were a freshman, making sure you are doing what is necessary so you not only get the recognition you deserve but you also get that coveted acceptance letter. Or you may be in middle school trying to plan ahead. Either way, below are four things you need to do if you want to get into the best colleges in the country.

Have The Best Grades to Get Into The Best Colleges

Having a high grade point average is one of the first things that the best colleges look for during the acceptance process. When I was in high school my academic advisor warned me that some of the best colleges look at your grades first, from freshman all the way up until senior year, and if they are not up to par they will throw your application away. But when talking about the best colleges, they not only want you to have high grades they also want you to have high grades in the most advanced classes. An A+ in gym carries much less weight than an A+ in AP Chemistry, so get enrolled in those higher level courses. These classes let the best colleges know you want to push yourself, which you most certainly will, and that you can find success. But if you find yourself struggling, reach out and get one of our qualified professionals over at HeyTutor to help you out. This shows that you are serious about getting into one of the best colleges but also that you have what it takes to achieve your goals at said college. On top of that, many of these classes roll over to the university so you might even be able to graduate from the top-notch college early which will make you, your parents and the university more than happy. So get a good start and stay consistent if you really want to enroll in one of the best colleges.

You Have to Test Like The Best If You Want to Enroll With One of The Best Colleges

The ACT and SAT are how colleges test your knowledge in the core educational skills of English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing. Basically everything you have been working to master since you enrolled in your first class. They want to make sure you retained the information and are able to apply it under pressure. If you want to get into one of the best colleges in the nation you must excel on tests like these as they are incredibly important when getting accepted. Not everyone is a strong standardized test taker but could still have very high grades, but nevertheless, great colleges still care about that test score. If you find yourself having trouble getting the score you need to get accepted into that great college, hire one of our ACT or SAT tutors. They will give you the skills to relax and knock out the test like you have been doing in high school. Our tutors will give you the peace of mind to walk into that test and get the grade you need to get accepted to the best colleges possible. So make sure you plan ahead and start working with one of our tutors now before it’s too late and you don’t get into one of the best colleges you so badly want to attend.

If You Want to Be Accepted Into One Of The Best Colleges, Get Involved

Grades and test scores are crucial when you want to get into a great college. But the fact of the matter is, when you are applying to one of these great colleges everyone has fantastic grades and test scores, so you need to have something that separates you from the crowd. This is where extracurriculars come into play. What you can do in the classroom is only a fraction of who you are as a person and the best colleges in the nation know this fact. They want to see what else you did while in school, thus seeing what unique perspective you will bring to their campus. Join a play, try out for a sports team (and make it), be a part of several clubs and run for student president. The more of these accolades you rack up the better your application will look. If you are a four-year varsity athlete, who was president of the AV club, played percussion and starred in the school’s rendition of Romeo and Juliet your application will stick out of the pile. Even if someone has a higher GPA than you by a few decimal points but lack the extracurriculars, the best colleges take note and will give you the benefit of the doubt. They want someone who is active in the school community and cares about school spirit, as you will be representing this top notch college in the same way you did for your high school.

Make Sure You Have A Strong Presence The Best Colleges Cannot Deny

Grades, test scores, extracurriculars are all things that will get you onto the desk of the acceptance committee but it still may not be enough. I know that sounds crazy, but you have to remember that you are applying to the best colleges in the country and they get tens of thousands of applications and any reason to weed you out they will find. So do not give them that opportunity and lock down your essay. I remember applying for colleges and writing essay after essay wondering why it even mattered. But a well-written essay is essentially a conversation between you and that best college you want to get into. This is where they truly learn who you are as a person, and anything that you cannot put in a transcript, test score or resume should fall right into this area. Interesting facts about your upbringing or reasons why you love their campus and why you would be an ideal fit for their student body are all things you should consider adding. But I cannot tell you what to put in your essay, unfortunately. There is no formula and in fact, if there was you would want to change it up to suit you. It has to come from the heart and it has to be fully you. Treat this essay like an interview, telling them all the things that make you unique and I am sure you will get accepted. The best colleges in the country await your submission, so don’t procrastinate and start planning.  

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