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Going To College Or Not Going To College

For some, attending college after graduating high school takes zero thought at all. From the time they could walk and talk their parents had been pounding into their brains the importance of getting good grades and test scores so they can get into a top-notch university. For others, it is never even an option as joining the workforce is what is expected after graduating high school or they simply feel college is a complete waste of time. But the fact of the matter is, neither option is better than the other. But for some reason, it feels as if going to college or not going is one of the most important decisions we will ever make at a very young age in our life that will ultimately set us up for the future. Or is it?

Going to College Is Important, If You Stay Persistent

The college experience is unlike anything that many of us will ever experience in life. When I was in high school my teachers hyped it up so much, I felt I would really be missing out if I did not get my grades right to be accepted into a college. The vibes on campus, the debates in classes, finding the right tutor and ultimately discovering yourself are crucial to most of our development at the ripe ages of 18 to 22. It is also just a whole lot of fun, where you can meet lifetime friends, make invaluable career connections and most importantly, for many of us, it is our first chance to get a real glimpse of freedom. I mean aside from the resident assistant whose main job is to keep us in line, we get a slight taste of our much-needed bit of freedom.

But not only do we get that freedom, but we also find out who we want to be in this world. For most, we have no idea what we want to do when we graduate from high school at the young age of 18. I know I wanted to get drafted into the NFL but found out quickly that career path was not for me when I got on campus and saw the real football talent. Enrolling in different classes, meeting young professionals or professors and joining different clubs are crucial to discovering who we are as young people or who it is we will become later on in life. Going from a clueless child who is just in college to have a great time, to fast forwarding a few years later where you find a young professional who has goals and a vision is a beautiful transformation. It is necessary for student’s overall success in life and in most cases, it seems to suit them well. I mean, aside from the crippling student loan debt. But at least you have newly acquired goals and dreams!

College Is A Waste Of Time If You Work Hard

College is not for everyone. There are several people who never even step on a college campus and do quite well for themselves, if not better than their college graduate peers. Then there are the students who went to college for a while and found out it was not for them at all. The list of college dropouts is quite pristine with names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Ellen Degeneres, Brad Pitt, and the infamous Kanye West who may not be the best example under current circumstances. But there are several more who are not super famous nor well-known millionaires but have been met with fantastic, lasting success. As I said, college is not for everyone.

The key to success is not going to college, graduating and then hanging a few degrees on the wall. In fact, there really is no actual key to success, but there are a couple of common factors which seem to be hard work and persistence. You can skate through college with C’s and D’s, get that degree and walk across that stage making yourself proud. But you will not last in the workforce. Not in a job you really want anyway. You have to work hard, roll up your sleeves, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and do what is necessary to achieve your goals. No degree is going to teach you that fact. With that being said, the best education is doing. You can sit in class all day learning about how to be an entrepreneur or how to run a business, but until you have actually tried you will never have that necessary real work experience. Which in most cases is much more valuable than getting any degree from any university. And you won’t have any student loan debt, but you might have the debt from your first failed business because according to Forbes magazine, 8 out of 10 businesses fail. Nonetheless, hard work and persistence pay off.

Work Hard and Stay Persistent

If you want to enroll in college or you would rather hit the ground running in the working world the decision is yours, and there truly is no right or wrong answer. The only thing that actually matters is persistence and hard work. Many people have been known to say college is a scam or a waste of time, but the fact of the matter is that employers are impressed by a degree. It may not be for the reasons you think they would be impressed, but mainly it is because you stuck with something for four years and you ended up accomplishing that goal. This shows that you have the persistence and hard work to finish out what you have started and that is something employers truly value.

The same can be said about those who drop out or decide not to go to college in the first place. If you join the workforce right away and work your way up the ranks you show that persistence and hard work that businesses love to see. And instead of going to college to learn about theories, learn the Pythagorean theorem or break down a poem, you have shown this company your hard work ethic and persistence by sticking with them to raise up the ranks. So when the promotions start going around you are setting yourself up to be one of the first in line to receive one. Or if you start a business right out of school and it fails, start another business. Keep pushing, working hard and something will work out. Because at the end of the day, college degree or not, persistence and hard work are going to help you reach your goals no matter your educational accolades. So keep grinding, working hard and staying persistent!

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