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Nicole Kelso


3.9 miles away

Psychology MS Graduate with 2 years teaching experience in statistics

Hello! I have my Bachelor's in Psychology from Virginia Tech, and my Masters in Clinical Psychology from UMD College Park. I have been teaching students for two years at UMD College Park in Research Methods as well as Statistics. I also hav... See more

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Laura Dascalescu


1.6 miles away

Experienced Tutor in Mathematics and Statistics


For a tutoring session I need a week notice of the problems you are trying to so... See more

  • ... Hunter College of the City Unive...
  • subject R + 28 more
  • Very responsive
Eugene W.


2.1 miles away

(2 ratings)
Johns Hopkins w/ Applied Math Master's and 3+ years teaching

Hello! I received my Bachelor's in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech, and my Master's in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Jo... See more

Aoesta Mardan


1.1 miles away

Awesta K. Mardan,PhD in Geography. Graduated from University of Kansas

My teaching experience includes undergraduate and graduate level courses in physical and natural geography, regional geography in North and South America, ArcGIS, remote-sensing, soil, and statistical analysis of geographical data. The clas... See more

James C.


4.9 miles away

Columbia University Graduate, over 10 years of Math Tutoring Experienc

My name is James, I am a seasoned Standardized Test tutor. I currently work as an instructor in several tutoring centers in NYC for the SAT/ACT Test as well as the GRE and GMAT.
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Why You Need a R Tutor

A programming language that was developed in 1993, R, has a sizable catalog of statistical and graphical methods. This program includes machine learning algorithm, linear regression, time series, statistical inference, and several other applications. R is trusted amongst not only just academics but also major corporations such as Airbnb, Facebook, Uber, and Google just to name a few. A program that is known to be difficult to learn, R is a language you most certainly can pick up if you have the right guidance. An R tutor who knows how to use this program and how to teach will really make a difference in your ability to learn this challenging language. Nevertheless, this is a program that you need to learn if you want to be able to work the job you want and not just the one that you can get. You have to be excellent to work in today’s tech field and with R tutoring you are guaranteeing that this will happen.

An R course in college is not a game. You have to come prepared to class the first day or you will find yourself trying to cram at the end of the semester, and if that is the case you are honestly too late. You need to put in the time throughout the school year to balance yourself and make sure you are learning little by little. This is a sustainable method you need to maintain the knowledge you are gaining, along with repetition. But you will need guidance when you are going over what you have learned in class, especially if you are having problems comprehending the complex instructions. When this starts to happen you need to nip any issues in the bud and the best way to do this is with an “R tutor near me” or “R tutoring near me.” When you reach out to HeyTutor you will be put into contact with a computer science tutor who is a professional and will be able to help pull you through any and all complications you are having.

When you decide to find an R tutor, you need a tutor who you know is going to help you accomplish your goals. You do not want a tutor who has no idea of how to teach you what it is you need to know. Then you will be out of money and time, which can cause you to fail your course. But more importantly, it will put a damper on your overall mood and maybe think that a career path in the tech industry is not for you. Our tutors will help you get this thought out of your head from the get-go. It is not you that is the problem it is the way you are being taught. It is common to see individuals who are great at their job not be able to teach others how they are accomplishing their goals. They are just good at getting things done and there is no problem with this, however, it does not benefit you as a student. You need someone who can do both, and although it is rare to find it is what we offer to you at HeyTutor. This one of a kind career development tutoring is an excellent resource to have access to and will truly help you in the long run.

One of the main things about being in college is that students can get so overwhelmed with all of their classes that they forget about the end goal. It is not the degree you get when you walk across your graduation stage, however, it is the job you get with that degree. You will not be able to get any jobs if you are unable to use the skills you have learned in college. So if you are just barely making a passing grade it will not be enough when you hit the job force. You are going to need to know it all or your employers will feel like it is a waste of time hiring you. They do not want to spend work hours re-training you how to work with R which you already took a course for in college. In fact, you will not even get that far in the hiring process, you will be without a job. To avoid this from happening you need to put in the extra work with an R tutor. So if you want to make sure that you are more than prepared to start working on that very first day of your great new job you know, “I need an R tutor.”

Dorsa Massihpour


3.6 miles away

Carnegie Mellon University Graduate in Statistics and Economics

My name is Dorsa and I'm a graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, where I majored in statistics and economics, and am currently working towards my masters degree in data science.
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Paul A.


1.7 miles away


My name is Paul. I have previously worked as a Math & Physics Tutor (4+ years experience) with the NASA Scholars Program in Los Angeles, tutoring College and High School students(+test prep;SAT,GED,ASVAB,ACT,CSET,GMAT,MCAT,GRE).I have assis... See more

  • ... California State Polytechnic Uni...
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Zach Proux


3.7 miles away

MS Marine Biology 3+ yrs teaching experience and deep-sea exploration

Hello! Thank you for considering me as your tutor. I'm a recent master's graduate from College of Charleston's Grice Marine Laboratory. As a graduate student, I taught introduction to cell and molecular biology, introduction to seafloor map... See more

Ritwik Rudra


4.7 miles away

NYU Stern Undergrad w/ 5 Years of 1:1 SAT/PSAT/ACT Tutoring Experience

I am an undergraduate at NYU Stern studying Finance, Statistics, and Computer Science and have 5 years worth of experience teaching SAT/PSAT/ACT to students. Having scored within the Top 1% of students nationwide on the SAT/PSAT and having

Mohammed Hussain


2.5 miles away

Mathematics, Statistics, Biostatistics, Engineering Mathematics, HS Ma

Passionate about teaching at any level because I love to interact with young adults from 10-90 years; I bring the beauty of Mathematics, Statistics, or Physics to my students regardless of the students past experiences with these subjects.

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Benefits of Hiring a R Tutor

Using R is the first choice for academics, the healthcare industry, government, and consultants. But as mentioned, there are several other industries that use this program as well. When you work with an R tutor they will be able to teach you things in an applicable way so that you know what the possibilities are outside of college. This is a huge deal because it is so unique to what is offered in the college classroom. Often, they are just teaching to pass as many students as possible and not to give you any jobs in the future. In fact, it is rare that students form any sort of personal relationships with most of their college professors. But when working with a one-on-one R tutor you are getting tutelage and a mentorship. You can learn how to master R while also getting a marvelous networking opportunity.

At HeyTutor we do not believe that learning should be boring. That is just not our style and not the way our computer tutors approach their sessions with you. Typically our tutors have between five to fifteen years of experience under their belt and they use that when teaching you R. But they also are not just going to teach you in the same manner that they have taught other students, because your learning style is particular to you as a person. They will take into account the way that you learn before they start teaching you the material. If you are in a class, you have a grade that you need to get. This way you can pass your class and continue on your quest toward getting your degree. Our tutors will be able to create a lesson plan that is for you, based on who you are as a student. It will also be rooted in what you are learning in class and what your professor is expecting from you. This way you can enter class on test day or just a normal day, with the confidence that you know what is going on and can get things done efficiently.

This same confidence is how we want you to approach your future job interviews and jobs in general. This will happen when you are having fun during your lessons. Because of the way our tutors teach, they will make the sessions something that you look forward to attending. You want to reach a level where you are beyond competent with this program, and that is only going to happen if you are able to retain what you learn and build on it. This is how you master a program but in order to remember what you learn you need to be comfortable and have fun. If you are just going through the motions you are far less likely to remember something than you are when the material brings you joy. When you love what you are doing with R and are passionate about the program it will truly carry over to your work. Your future employer will be able to sense this just by how you speak when talking about R, and this foundation you have will be built with one of the best tutors you can find.

At HeyTutor our tutors realize that not everyone wants to work with R as a profession per se. But they want to teach the subject matter to young budding students. As stated earlier, not everyone who can do can teach but our tutors can. So they will be able to teach you their methods that you can pass on to your students in the future. But if you do want to hold a job that does not involve teaching but requires an understanding of R our tutors can help you as well. You do not have to be enrolled in a course to take advantage of the prime R tutors. All you need is a goal and a desire to learn the subject. Our tutors can work with you and take you from beginner status to advanced if you focus in the sessions and do the work. You do not have to spend a boatload of money on a college course or have to be a certain age to get the knowledge of R. You just need to contact our team at HeyTutor so they can get you set up with an elite R tutor who can give you the structure you need to learn this hard to learn language.

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