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Trudy Parman

2.6 miles away

Visual Communications Specialist

I got my Bachelor of Science degree in Apparel Design from Kansas State University and in 2012, an Associate of Applied Science degree in Visual Communications from Highline College.
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  • ... Highline Community College
  • subject Photography
Erica Caldwell

1.4 miles away

Millersville University graduate with 2 years of subbing experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in art, specializing in photography. I'm currently a long-term substitute teacher, so I'm teaching every single subject every single day. I am strong in art history, photography, government, math, science, and E... See more

  • ... Millersville University of Penns...
  • subject Photography + 32 more
Natasha Bresna

3.7 miles away

Graphic Designer and Internationally Published Photographer

I have over ten years experience as a graphic designer and seven as a photographer. I have advanced knowledge of illustration, logo design, packaging design, design for print, photography, studio lighting, mixed outdoor/studio lighting, na... See more

  • ... Mt San Jacinto College
  • subject Photography + 3 more
Elementary teacher wanting to continue the love of learning!

I am dedicated. I am driven. I am passionate. I am determined. I am a lead classroom teacher and have taught students of all ages. I want to help all students further than learning and also gain enthusiasm and excitement for learning!

  • ... Lebanon Valley College
  • subject Photography + 17 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Photography Tutor

On a deeper level, photography teaches you how momentary life and beauty is. On an intuitive level, it teaches you even the intimate details of life’s patterns and inevitable events. Photography tutors can teach you photography on an artistic level. You benefit from learning how every single moment can be captured and interpreted in various ways by different perspectives. HeyTutor has an array of insightful photography tutors. They are here to show you how everything is beautiful and brimming with life and wisdom. Work with a skilled professional and get the best tutoring in town without emptying your bank account.

On top of our art tutors showing you the beauty in photography and the art behind it, they will be able to teach you this in personalized sessions. And because our tutors have such extensive backgrounds in photography they will be able to show you how to truly capture this beauty based on their experiences. When I say that I mean they will be able to show you how to really use your camera in a way that is similar to the way professionals use theirs on gigs. To truly capture a breathtaking photograph you must first understand the basics of photography. Things such as aperture, shutter speed, exposure, depth of field, white balance and focal length just to name a few. Without understanding these things you will never truly understand how to take the photographs that our tutors know you can one day.

If you are enrolled in a course looking for a college Photography tutor you are most certainly dealing with understanding these basics and probably more of the advanced techniques as well. Our tutors understand your frustrations and for the most part have been where you have been. They know in order for you to get over this hump, you need have the information given to you in a way that makes sense to you so that you can apply it when you are in the field. And if you have no issues with the basics there are several other aspects that our tutors can assist you in learning to ensure you know exactly what it is you are doing. In most classes in college, you are with several other students who all have different concerns and problems. The professor goes around the class trying to do their best but they cannot get to everyone with enough time and detail. That is where HeyTutor comes in. Our tutors will create a program around you and your issues so you get exactly what you need. With proven track records and positive reviews if you have a problem they will be able to help you locate it and make sure you know how to handle it from that point on. Comfortability is also key as our tutors want you to be able to learn, and they are set on the fact that, that comes with you being in a setting where you know you can thrive. It can be in a coffee shop or a library, maybe even out in a destination, you want to photograph.

Regardless, they will adapt to you and change the way you approach photography. For those who want to make their hobby a bit more than that and want to learn the basics of photography, our professional tutors are more than prepared to help you. The good thing about it is they can build a lesson plan around your busy schedule so that you can finish the assignments in a timely fashion. Our tutors are quick on their feet and adaptable so they can push you in a manner that feels fun. It never feels like you have to do anything, rather you will want to get your assignments done. Our quality tutors will cultivate their assignments around your strengths and weaknesses doing it in a way that brings out the best of you. And the greatest part of working with one of our photography tutors is that you get tangible evidence right away. You will go from seeing your amateur photos shot during a time in your life when you were just snapping for a hobby.  To seeing yourself grow into someone who is taking professional level photos even if you still want to keep it as a hoppy. Regardless, let our reps match you up with one of our top-notch Photography tutors to give you an artistic skill that will last a lifetime.