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Found 279 Pharmacology tutors near me. Pharmacology tutoring

Lisa Hutchinson Keith

from Baltimore

1.3 miles away

University of Baltimore Graduate with 8+ years of academic sciences

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from University of Baltimore and also have 8+ years training and teaching science to young children to young adults. My belief is that tutoring ensures that students have a vast understanding o... See more

  • ... University of Baltimore
  • ... Pharmacology + 20 more
  • Very responsive
Van Truong

from Philadelphia

1.9 miles away

(3 ratings)
Ms. Van

Hello, my name is Ms.Van, and I reside in the Philadelphia area. I completed my undergraduate studies at Temple University (B.S. - Chemistry) and grad... See more

Kathleen Carlos

from Irvine

4.6 miles away

UC Irvine MD/PhD student with BS in Biology

I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology and am currently an MD/PhD student at UC Irvine. I have three years of experience tutoring Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Statistics, and Algebra at the college level. I have an additional... See more

  • ... University of California - Irvin...
  • ... Pharmacology + 19 more
  • Very responsive


Daniel S.

from Los Angeles

3.7 miles away

(9 ratings)
Cornell University Science Graduate with 9+ years of Experience

Daniel Shad is a passionate educator that makes the acquisition of knowledge an informative & enjoyable process. Daniel has a wealth of experience in

  • ... Cornell University
  • ... Pharmacology + 93 more
  • in a day or more
Usman Akhter

from Westmont

3.2 miles away

UChicago Economics graduate with medical school experience

I studied Economics at the University of Chicago and did a brief 2 year stint in medical school before transitioning to a more analytic career path. Preparing for the standardized tests can seem like a stressful affair, but by providing pr... See more

  • ... University of Chicago
  • ... Pharmacology + 95 more
  • in 1 hours
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Why You Need a Pharmacology Tutor

Pharmacology is a subject that almost any student will struggle with. It deals with a very vast amount of information, memorization, conversions, and concepts that are extremely difficult to wrap your head around. If you aspire to be a pharmacologist, doctor, nurse, paramedic, or anything in the medical field, you will definitely be required to take this class. When students are expected to memorize drug names and key terms that sound like gibberish to them, they start to feel overwhelmed and defeated. The key to succeeding in this course is to develop a structured way to organize the information so you can retain it. A private Pharmacology tutor can help you achieve this. The earlier you start Pharmacology tutoring, the better. It is very easy to fall behind in a class like this so if you work with a tutor from the very beginning, you can avoid feeling lost and have a leg up at the start of the class. Especially if you are taking this class for your undergraduate degree and planning on applying for graduate schools, a solid grade in this class will help you. Admissions counselors know how difficult a class like this is, so an A on your transcripts in Pharmacology will help you showcase your abilities to succeed in graduate school. A Pharmacology tutor will be able to: 

  • Reiterate the material you learn in class
  • Go over concepts you need clarification on 
  • Create an organized structure for the vast amount of information
  • Act as a study buddy when preparing for tests and quizzes
  • Teach you how to study the right way

Benefits of Hiring a Pharmacology Tutor

Many students find that studying on their own for a class like Pharmacology is simply not enough. All too often, people will stay up all night studying for a test, walk out of the test feeling confident, and are completely shocked and disapointed when they get back a grade they did not expect. A professional Pharmacology tutor can help you prevent this because they will show you how to study in the most efficient way and make sure you have a solid grasp on the information. It is also important to retain the information you learn in Pharmacology, even after your exams, especially if you are planning on going into a medical related field. Private tutors are able to make sure you not only memorize it, but understand it and can apply it later on in your career. Pharmacology tutors have been through this course themselves and they know what it takes to get through it on top.


We understand that not just anyone can be an effective Pharmacology tutor. That is why at Heytutor, we thouroughly vet and screen our tutors to ensure you are working with only the best professionals in the field. If you are starting out in this course and thinking, "I will fail this class if I do not locate a Pharmacology tutor near me" take a look at our large list of qualified tutors who are ready to assist you. You can make sure you will be meeting with a tutor who fits exactly what you are looking for because you are able to view tutor profiles, qualifications, education, background, etc. You can message as many tutors as you would like to determine who will best accommodate your needs. Finding a qualified tutor doesn't need to be so stressful. We know you are probably already stressed with this class, so make things easier on yourself by meeting with one of our expert tutors. 


A recent client shared the experience he had with a Heytutor Pharmacology expert: "I wanted to find Pharmacology tutoring near me before I started this class because I already knew I was going to be in for a tough ride. I didn't trust an agency to assign me a tutor based and who they think is they best fit for my needs. I like Heytutor because I can literally choose my own tutor and there is no upfront payment without knowing exactly who you are going to get. Anybody who is looking for a tutor in a difficult course should check out Heytutor." - Alex M.

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