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Found 179 Chemistry tutors in Philadelphia, PA

Victoria Henry

3.2 miles away

English Teacher and Published Writer

My name is Victoria and I am an English teacher and published writer living in New York City. I graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in English Language and Literature in 2012, and now have five years of professional teaching experience... See more

  • ... Smith College
  • subject Chemistry + 24 more
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Debbie Perekotiy

3.2 miles away

Elementary Teacher / Reading Specialist

I am a former elementary teacher looking to help sharpen your child's skills over the summer (and beyond!). I am professional, flexible, dedicated, and fun! :)
... See more

  • ... Taylor University
  • subject Chemistry + 14 more
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Amy Struble

2.5 miles away

Purdue University - MSEd Graduate, Tutor - ESL, Composition, Writing

I am currently a graduate student at Purdue University, and am expected to graduate with a MSEd. in Collegiate Instruction/Administration in December 2018. I am also a graduate of Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio, and hold a Bachelor o... See more

Catharine Smith

2.5 miles away

Former public school teacher- expertise in literacy, math and Spanish

I taught and was an instructional coach in Chicago Public Schools for almost 10 years. I currently work with an education nonprofit and support teachers and leaders, but I LOVE working with students and supporting your growth as a learner!... See more

Laura Gould

1.6 miles away

Special Education/English Teacher with 5+ Years of Experience

Hello! My name is Laura, and in my "day job," I'm a middle school special education teacher who mainly works with students with language-based learning disabilities. I've also worked with students with ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and l... See more

  • ... Northeastern University
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Why You Need a Chemistry Tutor In Philadelphia

Philadelphia Chemistry Tutors


Why You Need a Chemistry Tutor


A professional tutor can help you or your child excel in chemistry. Often considered the central science, succeeding in chemistry means understanding the elements, types of matter and the interactions between them. Search “Philadelphia chemistry tutors near me” to find an experienced chemistry tutor near you today.


Foundational Skills for Young Learners


For the younger learner, HeyTutor offers a great foundation in the area of chemistry. Our expert tutors will work with your young learner to give them a head start. Our tutors are expert educators who know the expectations in the classroom and can help:


  • Learn to identify the table of elements.

  • Identify chemical reactions.

  • Practice basic scientific procedures.

  • Challenge your gifted child.


Search “Philadelphia chemistry tutors near me” with HeyTutor and help your child succeed.


Testing Skills for Older Learners


High school students and young adult learners need to excel in order to get into the college of their choice or to refresh their knowledge in post-grad. Let our tutors assess and identify weak areas to help fill in the missing pieces. Test preparation can reduce the anxiety surrounding chemistry tests and difficult assignments in class. We offer:


  • Sample tests to reduce test-taking anxiety

  • Stress reduction tips for before your test

  • Core-concept review to give you confidence in your foundations

  • Problem-solving skills to maximize time management during tests.

Search “Philadelphia chemistry tutors near me” and be ready for the next big test.

Audra O.

4.3 miles away

(1 ratings)
Academic & Personal Mentor

I have tutored for at least three years at a non-profit in a diverse academic setting. I have tutored 5th grade writing, 2nd grade reading and math, 4... See more

  • ... California State University - Lo...
  • subject Chemistry + 1 more
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Susan W.

4.6 miles away

Certified Teacher, Publisher Writer, Well-Seasoned Tutor for all ages!

Hello and thanks for visiting! I have many years of experience teaching and tutoring students of all ages from elementary to university level including adults in various situations. My specialty is writing and and public speaking as well as... See more

  • ... Temple University
  • subject Chemistry + 20 more
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Rochelle C.

2.2 miles away

Overall HW Help

I have been a tutor in the Los Angeles area since 2014 and have taught a variety of students, ranging from grades K-12. Every student is different and I adjust accordingly. I assist with homework, but I especially enjoy math. I have a B.S.

  • ... Indiana University Bloomington
  • subject Chemistry + 11 more
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Nah'rya Walker

2.2 miles away

I have a passion for math and tutor

I graduated from Rider with a Finance degree and while I was getting my degree I tutored up to Calculus 2 through a tutoring center. I have also done one on one tutoring.

  • ... Rider University
  • subject Chemistry + 8 more
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Michael Voitek

3.6 miles away

Experienced tutor in the biological sciences

Tutored high school students for over a year in biology and chemistry
Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Biology/Psychology from Loyola University of Maryland.

  • ... Loyola University Maryland
  • subject Chemistry + 3 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Chemistry Tutor In Philadelphia

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Most Recent Reviews for Philadelphia, PA Chemistry Tutoring

Sonya L.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Jake is professional and caring. He enjoys his subject matter and makes my daughter excited to learn chemistry!Couldn’t be happier.

Sonya L. reviews Jake Mcdonough