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Found 179 Biochemistry tutors in New York, NY

Researcher at Columbia University Medical Center

Graduated with Honors from Cornell University, GPA 4.0 and concentrated in Genetics, Genomics and Developments. Extensive tutoring experience, over 4 years, in individual subjects such as math, biology, physics, chemistry etc. as well as SA... See more

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Josef B.

1.3 miles away

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Pre-Med student specialized in writing, math, and the sciences

I am a second year medical student in the CUNY School of Medicine. I have been tutoring middle and high-schoolers privately for the past 6 years. In m... See more

  • ... City College of New York of the...
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Julia Agee

3.7 miles away

Tutor, MD

As a physician training to be a neurologist, I care a lot about the brain. I have over 10 years of experience not only as a private tutor in math and science, but also as a mentor for college and medical school applications.
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Sammy Stone

2.4 miles away

Organic Chemist

I am an Organic Chemist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. have a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Vassar College where I worked as an organic chemistry TA for 2 years! I love organic chemistry (and general chemistry!) and am ve... See more

Tarik Zahr

2.5 miles away

Boston University graduate with experience tutoring in STEM + more


My name is Tarik and I am currently working in cardiovascular research in New Yo... See more

Michael Eppler

1.9 miles away

Bowdoin grad, former HS teacher with 3+ years tutoring experience

I'm originally from Bethesda, Maryland, and attended Bowdoin College in Maine. There, I played four years of varsity soccer and participated in a wide range of community activities. I was a Biology major, a Government/Legal Studies minor,

Hank K.

2.7 miles away

Tutor in multifaceted topics - STEM, finance, business

I am an experienced tutor/TA with a lot of teaching experience at various academic and skill levels. I have tutored programming, advanced math and sciences, economics, as well as accounting and finance.
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Eunice Shin-lai

4.3 miles away

Medical doctor with Ivy League degree w/ 4+ yrs of tutoring experience

I'm a medical doctor (MD) by training with a Mathematical Biology degree from UPenn (graduated Magna Cum Laude). I have over 4 years of experience teaching MCAT classes and tutoring SATs and advanced levels of math and science. I've had suc... See more

  • ... University of Pennsylvania
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Stephanie Ishack

1.4 miles away

NYU Biomedical Engineering PHD; Medical School Student

I am an Ivy League graduate and I have an extensive background in biomedical sciences and engineering. I have a Bachelor’s in Biology, a Master’s in Bioinformatics, another Master’s in Biomedical Engineering, a PhD in Biomedical Engineering... See more

  • ... New York University
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Mariam Ayvazyan

4.1 miles away

NYU Master's Degree Graduate

I received my Graduate Degree from NYU Steinhardt for Mental Health Counseling and Wellness. I have extensive experience with children. I have taught tennis, have babysat, have tutored at NYU and have worked as a Teacher's assistant at DDI

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