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Sana Ahmad

4.4 miles away

(2 ratings)
US Citizen/NES Tutors with many years of international experience

I am a bright, intelligent well-qualified Elementary level teacher, for grades K-8 for all subjects and for teaching English at all grade levels. I wa... See more

  • ... Rutgers, The State University of...
  • subject Common Core + 39 more
  • in a day or more
Eugenie T.

3.1 miles away

Patient and Knowledgeable Ivy League Tutor with 10+ years in Education

I have more than 10 years of experience working as an educator. During college, I tutored high school students in Algebra. After that, I did the Americorps program in San Francisco, tutoring elementary school students in Math and English. I... See more

  • ... Teachers College of Columbia Uni...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 28 more
Graduate student in Molecular Medicine, tutoring Math and Science

I am a 2012 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where I earned a bachelor's in Chemistry. I am currently working on a master's in Molecular Medicine through Drexel University.
... See more

  • ... United States Naval Academy
  • subject Algebra 1 + 22 more
Makena Mueller

1.6 miles away

NYU Student with Over 4+ Years Teaching

I am currently a senior at NYU, and have been intermittently working as a tutor and teacher for over four years, including a year as a student teacher at an elementary school in California. I believe in learning in fun, interactive ways, an... See more

Cassandra Grossi

2.2 miles away

Elementary School Teacher; 2 years Tutoring Experience

Hi! My name is Cassandra and I am a Kindergarten teacher. I graduated from Montclair State University with a major in Family & Child Studies with a concentration in P-3 Early Childhood Education. I have previous experience tutoring Kinderga... See more

  • ... Montclair State University
  • subject Elementary Math + 2 more

Why You Need a English Tutor In Jersey City

The Sopranos was one of the most popular shows in television history. People tuned in all over the world to watch what was going to happen with this organized crime family. The acting was stellar and the writing was engaging which made for a hit show. Some even believe that this was the greatest show to ever grace the television screen. This might be a stretch, but it goes without saying that this show left its mark on the medium.

The golden age of television started because of shows such as this one which was revolutionary and really broke down barriers. The Sopranos touched on topics that other television shows would not dare cover which made them truly stand out amongst the others. Although people can name all the characters and quote most of the dialogue, not many people realize that most of the sets used to film this show were located in Jersey City.

If you knew this then you are probably a cinephile who does their homework or you could be a budding filmmaker. At the very backbone of every great film or show is the script. Without the English language, none of these stories would be able to be told. So before you get behind a camera get in contact with one of our English tutors in Jersey City. We will be able to match you with an English tutor who also specializes in screenwriting so they can teach you all of the basics.

You need to know the rules in order to bend and break them. But it is of the utmost importance that you know the rules of storytelling inside out. Although things change, every single writer is familiar with the history of literature which makes them ready to change the game. Literature tutors will keep you honest and make sure that you pay homage to the ones who came before you. English tutoring in Jersey City is what you need to be looking into right now so that you can become the next great screenwriter.

Erin R.

2.6 miles away

Theater and English Language Arts instructor, 10+ years in education

I am an experienced, Cambridge certified ESL tutor who currently works as a corporate trainer for Prior to that, I worked abroad as an ESL instructor at International House in Brno, Czech Republic and Embassy Center for Engl... See more

  • ... Point Park University
  • subject IELTS + 15 more
  • in a day or more
Sa'kyrah Tulloch

2.8 miles away

New Jersey Based Tutor

Hey! My name is Sa'kyrah Tulloch. I am 17 years of age currently attending James.J.Ferris High School. I currently have honor roll and have been in advanced classes since 3rd grade. I am very intelligent and plan on attending college to pur... See more

  • ... Hudson County Community College
  • subject Algebra 1 + 24 more
Shruti Sheladia

3.6 miles away

Database Developer with 6+ years of Tutoring Experience

I currently am a Database Developer working Transportation Company based in Vienna. I have been tutoring students for the past 6 years. I really make sure my students understand the concepts before moving on. I provide extra homework and m... See more

  • ... Rutgers, The State University of...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 17 more
  • in a day or more
Theo Gritz

2.9 miles away

Georgetown University Graduate With Over 8+ Years of Tutoring Experien

I have a Bachelors degree from Georgetown University where I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2016 with a double major in Finance and Accounting. I have other 8 years of tutoring experience, across Math, History and English.

  • ... Georgetown University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 22 more
  • in a day or more
Nidhi Patel

2.2 miles away


Hi! My name is Nidhi Patel and I am a current medical student expected to receive my M.D. in May of 2022! I am extremely passionate about teaching and have lots of experience tutoring for subjects such as: biology, biochemistry, writing, an... See more

  • ... Rutgers, The State University of...
  • subject MCAT + 15 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a English Tutor In Jersey City

When you believe in yourself great things will happen. But faith without work is fruitless, you are still going to have to grind. This is true in everything in life, particularly when it comes to school. English is a class that several students have issues with and we see that happening every day. Jersey City English tutoring is the fix to any problems that you are having in class because your tutor is going to make sure that you are working.

Right now you are not scheduling your time out correctly because you have so much going on. But if you end up failing your English class you are going to be forced to focus on it during summer school. You can avoid this from happening when you are matched up with the best tutor in Jersy City.

We say that this is the best tutor you will find not only because this is the most proficient English tutor in the area but also because they are the best possible fit for you. Our matching process is unlike anything that you have experienced and you truly do not have to do any work. We have already vetted each and every one of our tutors. 

Then, based on what you tell us you are looking for, we will match you with someone who is a perfect fit. If a Jersey City English tutor is what you are in need of, this is what we will get you at HeyTutor.