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Found 205 Biology tutors in Jersey City, NJ. Biology tutoring in Jersey City, NJ

Anthony Maldonado


3.3 miles away

Graduate student in Molecular Medicine, tutoring Math and Science

I am a 2012 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where I earned a bachelor's in Chemistry. I am currently working on a master's in Molecular Medicine through Drexel University.
... See more

  • ... United States Naval Academy
  • subject Biology + 22 more
Mark Bernard


2.7 miles away

NYU Organic Chemistry PhD, at your service!

Hi, My name's Mark, and one of my main motivations in studying Chemistry has been not only to do groundbreaking research in the lab that will benefit society, but to share that powerful knowledge with others. I have bachelors, masters, and... See more

  • ... New York University
  • subject Biology + 10 more
  • in 23 hours
Alfred Amendolara


3.5 miles away

Biology Tutor with 3 years of experience

I am graduate student at New Jersey Institute of Technology. I am actively doing research and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with students. In addition to science subjects (including biology, chemistry, and statistics) I have experience teac... See more

  • ... New Jersey Institute of Technolo...
  • subject Biology + 21 more
  • in a day or more
Nidhi Patel


4.8 miles away


Hi! My name is Nidhi Patel and I am a current medical student expected to receive my M.D. in May of 2022! I am extremely passionate about teaching and have lots of experience tutoring for subjects such as: biology, biochemistry, writing, an... See more

  • ... Rutgers, The State University of...
  • subject Biology + 15 more
  • in a day or more
Keith Cordner


2.4 miles away

MCAT, ACT, University, and High School Tutor

Hello, my name is Keith Cordner, and I am an aspiring tutor who recently moved from Michigan to NYC. I am currently working at Memorial Sloan Kettering studying leukemia with plans to attend medical school next year back in Michigan. I have... See more

  • ... Michigan State University
  • subject Biology + 30 more
  • in 20 hours

Why You Need a Biology Tutor In Jersey City

The Liberty Science Center first opened to the Jersey City public in 1993. This interactive science and education center was the first major science museum in the entire state of New Jersey. People were beyond excited to be able to use the brand new facilities that have been thriving for close to thirty years. Not only did the Liberty Science Center make history on a state level, but also on a worldwide level.

The world’s largest IMAX Dome theater is at this science center as well, so if you are into science this is a place that you absolutely have to visit. Having a science-oriented brain can be problematic while you are in high school. You do not feel like you are being challenged and everything is too easy for you. A genius, you are not, but compared to the other students in your class you are a modern day Issac Newton.

Biology is supposed to be a class that is challenging and opens your eyes up to the possibilities of life. But for you, this class is a breeze and quite uneventful. This is why you are in the market for a Jersey City biology tutor. You have come to the right place because we will get you matched with a biology tutor who is going to show you what this class is all about. You will be able to work with a tutor who has been working with advanced level students in their past.

This will not be the bland type of instruction that you have become accustomed to, but at the same time, it will be enjoyable. This will not be someone who is shouting at you, but rather educating you in a way that is most conducive to your learning style. Biology tutoring in Jersey City will have you thinking on a higher plane.

Maxwell Schneller


1.9 miles away

Math and science turoring with a focus on test prep.

My first experience tutoring came while attending the University of Southern California in 2005. There, I assisted fellow classmates in preparing for upcoming exams and found great reward in helping others gain confidence in their academics... See more

  • ... University of Southern Californi...
  • subject Biology + 53 more
  • in 1 hours
Jonathan Stone


3.3 miles away

(1 ratings)
National Board Certified Teacher with 18+ years experience

I have 10+ years tutoring experience specializing in K-9th grade students. I have taught both elementary and middle school students with all backgrou... See more

  • ... University of California - Davis
  • subject Biology + 20 more
  • Very responsive
Vivek Patel


4.2 miles away

Expert Tutor in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics

I attended the University of California, Riverside earning a BS in Microbiology. Furthermore, I am a recent graduate of Boston University earning an MS in Oral Biology. At UCR I had the privilege of conducting undergraduate research and rec... See more

  • ... Boston University
  • subject Biology + 11 more
  • in 1 hours
Farzad Sepahifar


1.5 miles away

Medical Student class of 2021

I’m currently a medical student on my break. I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology from UCI. Over the past extensive years of schooling I have learned, what are the best ways to learn a lot of material in a very short time and retain them a... See more

  • ... University of California - Irvin...
  • subject Biology + 27 more
  • Very responsive
Karen E.


2.8 miles away

SAT/ACT Tutor - Certified HS Teacher

I am certified high school teacher in New Jersey. I work with students one-on-one or in small groups to help them to improve scores through personalized instruction. Students improve skills and gain confidence through lessons customized t... See more

  • ... The College of New Jersey
  • subject Biology + 15 more
  • Very responsive
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Benefits of Hiring a Biology Tutor In Jersey City

The original Hoberman sphere is also located in the Liberty Science Center. If this means nothing to you then you are probably not very interested in science. Maybe the Hudson Shakespeare Company holds your attention more than a biology class. Being on stage is what brings you joy and you thoroughly enjoy bringing a playwright’s words to life. But right now you have zero life in your biology class which is ironic seeing as this is a class about life.

All you want to do is be in the theater and hone in on your skills. But as an artist, you are constantly going to have to do things that you do not want to do. Tina Fey worked at Target before she got her big break. The term starving artist is real and just about every single star that you look up to in the field has had to hustle. Right now you are in high school so your main hustle needs to be school. If you are able to have an understanding of biology, it is going to make things much easier on you when you start your pursuit to be a working actor.

Having a side job that involves biology will allow you to not have to worry about money. Get the help of one of our biology tutors in Jersey City right now. Your private tutor in Jersey City will be able to help you learn the necessary basics of this class so that you are in the best position possible. You might find that you love biology and can create a play or film based on this subject.

Lin Manuel Miranda used his love of history to create one of the most iconic plays of all time. Your newfound love of science can create the next great Broadway hit. When you are on stage holding your Tony all we ask is that you thank HeyTutor. Jersey City biology tutoring is going to be huge for you, so go break a leg!

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