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Sarajanee Davis

4.6 miles away

OSU Humanities Graduate with 7+ Years Tutoring Experience

Hey! Thanks for checking out my profile. I am finishing up my doctoral degree in History from Ohio State University. That really just means that I've read a whole lot of books and written a whole bunch of papers. My academic background incl... See more

  • ... Ohio State University
  • subject Elementary Math + 33 more
ESL, math, SAT, and graphic design tutor

I have been teaching/tutoring for over 10 years. I started tutoring when I was at Appalachian State University where I tutored students in math, Psychology, Spanish, and graphic design programs. When I graduated, I continued to tutor part-t... See more

  • ... Appalachian State University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 56 more
Taren V.

1.4 miles away

Experienced, Enthusiastic Teacher with a Background in Science

Hello All!

My name is Taren V.. I currently teach high school science teacher at SCORE Acad... See more

  • ... North Carolina A & T State Unive...
  • subject Elementary Math + 30 more
Experienced teacher available for tutoring!

Hello! I am an experienced teacher ready to tutor your child to close existing gaps, get ahead of the class, or keep skills sharp over the summer!

... See more

  • ... University of North Carolina at...
  • subject Common Core + 25 more
Rebecca Newman

1.7 miles away

Elementary Educator With Over 10 Years Of Experience

As an elementary educator with over 10 years of experience, I have a proven track record of success in supporting students in their academic, social, and emotional needs. My number one priority is always helping each student feel successful... See more

  • ... Appalachian State University
  • subject Common Core + 4 more

Why You Need a English Tutor In Durham

One of the largest plantations in the south before the Civil War was located in Durham. The Historic Stagville is 30,000 acres and at one point had 900 slaves working the land. Although a tragic part of our history, it is also an important part. You never want to forget the history of a country because that is the way that horrific things repeat themselves. During a time of misinformation and the spread of false news, it feels like we are on the brink of repeating our bloody and brutal history.

If you want to be someone who can actually spread a positive message then you might be interested in working with history in some manner. But at the very core of understanding our history is the English language. Without having the ability to read and write you would not be able to dive into the volumes of books and other documents written about our history. A Durham English tutor can make sure that you have all of the skills that are necessary to become a strong historian.

Reading and comprehension are key when you are researching any topic. It is one thing to read but another to actually understand what you are going over. Our reading and comprehension tutors will be able to make sure that you are able to do both at a high level. Some of the texts that were written in the past take a certain type of brain to decipher.

Usually, you need to go over this with someone who is knowledgable. In your Durham English tutoring session, you are going to be able to go over all of this information in depth. When you work with an expert English tutor you are going to start to notice that things become a bit easier for you which will help you on your path toward success.

Summer Walker

2.4 miles away

NCCU and Strayer University graduate with 15 years of tutoring.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from NC Central University and a Master's in Public Administration from Strayer University. I have 15 years of tutoring experience and have provided instruction to individual or small groups of stude... See more

  • ... North Carolina Central Universit...
  • subject College Counseling + 27 more
Tierra Anderson

2.5 miles away

Real Estate Paralegal

I have a passion for education and I am eager to assist student. I am well organized, caring and understahding. I hope to obtain a Ph.D and work in higher education.

  • ... North Carolina A & T State Unive...
  • subject English (K-8) + 12 more
Robin Yurchuck

3.5 miles away

Accomplished and Highly Decorated Teacher of 14 years

I am an extensively certified & highly decorated teacher & district educator trainer. I have extensive experience teaching children, teens, & those with special needs. I am a smart, energetic, innovative, enthusiastic, responsible, & highly... See more

  • ... Georgia Institute of Technology...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 52 more
  • in a day or more
Krystal Rascoe

2.1 miles away

Ms. Rascoe

I hold a Masters degree in School Administration. I have been working in the educator sector for 9 years as a Teacher assistant, EC Teacher, and Site Leader for a tutoring enrichment company. I have currently transitioned into school admini... See more

  • ... North Carolina Central Universit...
  • subject Common Core + 24 more
  • in a day or more
Riya Viswanathan

4.7 miles away

UNC Chapel Hill graduate with 4+ years in tutoring

I'm college graduate, currently working at Duke, and I'm looking to tutor students who need homework or test prep help. I graduated with a degree in Psychology

  • ... University of North Carolina at...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 22 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a English Tutor In Durham

Working with English tutoring in Durham is much better than taking a class. When you are in a class you have absolutely no control. The teacher is the one who is in charge of everything and if you do not do things they way they want them to be done you are going to fail. But when you work with Durham tutoring you are the one who is at the helm.

You will let your English tutor know exactly what it is that you want to be covered and that is what you are going to go over. There will be no time wasted, and your tutor is not going to focus on unnecessary lessons. If vocabulary is giving you issues, then your vocabulary tutor is only going to focus on this aspect of English. As previously stated, this is far better than any class that you will ever take.

You also get to pick the location and the schedule. You are going to be completely in your comfort zone when you start working with one of our tutors. At HeyTutor we take all the stress out of finding English tutors in Durham so that you will be able to completely focus on learning. They HeyTutor experience is unique, call us up and see for yourself.