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David S.

1.9 miles away

4+ years of tutoring math, physics, music, and neuroscience

I love tutoring, and have done it for four years throughout high school and college. I love making subjects that are usually considered dull to be exciting, interesting and engaging by tying them to real world applications. As a result of m... See more

  • ... University of Minnesota - Twin C...
  • subject Music Production + 25 more
  • in a day or more
Jason W.

5 miles away

Northern Arizona University Graduate with 5+ years of tutoring exp.

I have a B.S. in Speech Communication. I worked for the Burbank USD for 6 years, and have worked with students of every age. I think learning can be awesome and fun!

  • ... Northern Arizona University
  • subject Music Production + 26 more
Josh Fletcher

2.6 miles away

Josh Fletcher Production

22, In a Psychedelic Rock Band and Mix And Produce my Own Records

  • ... Audio Recording Technology Insti...
  • subject Music Production + 2 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Music Production Tutor

One-on-one Music Production tutors are knowledgeable about different music literature and styles, which will help you discover what new music is out there and align what you learn with the goals you want to pursue next. Having an instructor to report to and to receive a figurative and literal high five from, is sometimes all music learners need to remain stimulated and excited about learning their new talent. It is always easier to work for something when you know they are rooting for you and that you’re accountable to your personal tutor. Another benefit of working in a one-on-one environment is that you learn the fundamentals of producing more quickly. HeyTutor has a platform of professional music production instructors ready to help build a solid foundation for the start of your career.

College Music Production tutors and high school Music Production tutors know the challenges that are faced in the classroom. If you are pursuing a degree in college Music Production the chances are that you want to take this seriously and have it become your career. HeyTutor has the tutors you need who can not only relate but they can also push you to accomplish your goals. Too often, the college system does not benefit every student and some graduate feeling dissatisfied. At HeyTutor we realize this reality and avoid it at all costs by holding our students accountable and focusing on their individual progress. By the end of each session, our tutors have tangible goals that need to be met that will ensure the students have what it takes to make it to the next level. Music Production is a tough industry to break into and the only way to truly do that is to exceed expectations.

So even if you are succeeding in your courses, hiring a Music Production tutor will only benefit you in the long run. If classes are easy, you need to push yourself which is what our tutors will help you do. What goals can you accomplish in college that will set you up for success once you are ready to enter the music world?  Our tutors will challenge what you have already learned, thus honing in on those skills and give you an entirely new set of skills that you would not have gotten in a classroom setting. One-on-one lessons bring out the best of our students and you will walk away with the confidence of not only having a degree but the tutelage from a trained professional who has prepared you for the next big leap.

Learning Music Production in high school is truly a blessing and if you (or your student) have that opportunity it is not something that should be taken lightly. Learning those skills at a young age will ensure that they stick with you as you go on later in life. Working with a HeyTutor professional will help you build on those skills you learn in class while allowing you to see your true potential. You might realize that college is not for you at all, and with what you have learned from school matched with what your general music tutor has taught you a career in Music Production might be in your future right after high school graduation. Or you will have the foundation laid down to move on to college and do big things like getting a dual major to position yourself to take over the industry when you are ready. This same thing can be said about working artists. Having these personalized tutor sessions could be more beneficial to you that attending any university. You are already learning the ins and outs of the business so working with a music production tutor can help you gain brand new technical skills. Our tutors are about pushing you, making sure the knowledge sticks and that you are as comfortable as possible. So they come to you or meet you in a safe location where you can truly blossom. So if you want to simply pass a class, master all aspects of Music Production, position yourself for a career or prepare to be a complete creative entrepreneur our reps will find the perfect match. Learn to be the best with one of our specialized tutors today.

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Music Production
Ryan P.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Joan was great! Extremely helpful & articulate with his tutoring. He was also a pleasure to talk to. Cannot wait for next lesson!

Ryan P. reviews Joan Velez