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Kimmora B.

2.8 miles away

Making Change (EC Resource Teacher Experience)

I love working with students. I have 2+ years working with EC Resource students. It is always a joy seeing how these students start out feeling that they are unable to meet their academic goals but then seeing the joy and level up self-conf... See more

  • ... North Carolina Central Universit...
  • subject Microsoft Word + 9 more
Kyle Lee

3.7 miles away

Life Coach/Communications/Overall Studies/Associates of Theology

Hello, My name is Kyle Lee. I am a 27 year old father.
Mentoring and service are passions of mine. Problem solving skills are my sweet spot. I see value in communicating thru a task as a team.
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Deborah Roberts

4.2 miles away

Friendly and caring Tutor.

I have been tutoring for over ten years. I tutor in Elementry school reading, math, writing. I also tutor Middle school students in reading, math and writing. I also tutor high school students in the same subjects. I have also tutored busin... See more

  • ... Everest University - North Orlan...
  • subject Microsoft Word + 13 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Microsoft Word Tutor

If you want to work, be social, or succeed in school or at work you must have a good background in computers and computer programs. One of the most important ones, especially if you’re in school, is Microsoft Word. A Microsoft Word tutor can help get you familiarized with the program, as you will be using this each time you are assigned an essay. College professors tend to be very precise on how they want the paper formatted, with a tutor you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out how to get your name, date, professor’s name, and the class in the header.. Having a college Microsoft Word tutor will get you familiar with this program while saving you lots of time, money and frustration.

Being matched with one of the best Microsoft Word tutors has a plethora of benefits. First off, the learning style is unique as there is not one cookie-cutter approach our tutors use when teaching you the necessary skills. They will figure out who you are as a student and learner then put you in a position to thrive with the program. Microsoft Word is a complex system that can be daunting at first, and our tutors know this for a fact. Before they became professionals who understand everything there is to know about Microsoft Word they were just like you. And many of them probably wish HeyTutor was around to help them get familiar with the program. Because of this understanding, they have our computer tutors build a lesson plan around you as a person. The way they teach you will be entirely different than the way the teach another student they may be working with. This gives you exactly what you are looking for, substantial results.

No matter your skill level, if you pay attention to the sessions and do the work you will become efficient in Microsoft Word. Unlike group tutoring sessions or the typical classroom setting our tutors put their entire focus on you. They create a comfortable environment where there are truly no dumb questions. In a class with several other students, there may be that anxiety and fear of asking the wrong thing and getting made fun of in front of everyone. That will never happen at HeyTutor. Instead, they will take that question, break it down in a way you understand and make sure you understand the answer. And they do not want you to understand the answer just for the purposes of moving on or passing some test. They want you to remember this so that you never forget and apply it when you are done with your sessions. Our tutors pride themselves on giving their students the necessary information they need to thrive with the program later on in life. Being professionals who work with Microsoft Word on a daily, they understand how important it is to understand the program. They also know that you will not have the luxury of working with a top-notch tutor on the job and being able to ask those questions will not always be an option. So they want you to be able to take what you learn and apply it at your job or in your class without having to ask how to do it. The most ideal situation is you become so efficient in the program that your co-workers and school peers approach you when they have any issues with Microsoft Word.

The best thing you can do if you want to become proficient in Microsoft Word is work with one of our highly talented tutors at HeyTutor. Comfortability and fun are not typically words associated with school or learning. Most of us find the experience boring and mundane. Our tutors prefer the former, as they can build a plan around your schedule and style of learning. They can come to you to make sure you are in a comfortable setting which is where you do your best work. And they want you to have fun so that you always remember the information when you need it most. HeyTutor can set you up with a friendly and bright computer savvy tutor to come make your life a lot easier. We have plenty of top-tier tutors and you can be as specific as you would like in selecting the right one for you. Let HeyTutor help get you confident in your computer skills today.

Most Recent Reviews for Microsoft Word Tutoring

Microsoft Word
Jeanne O.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Michael is a superb tutor. I recommend him unconditionally. He is prepared with a lesson outline each time , and lessons flow seamlessly together. I very much appreciate his manner of speaking—easily understood, the right speed, and the perfect economy of words. I am very eager to resume excel and master Power Point with Michael.

Jeanne O. reviews Michael Loggans