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Javern Wilson


3.7 miles away

General tutoring.

One of my greatest passion in life is giving back and helping people achieve their goals. I have experienced great success at school school and at university due to the amazing teachers I’ve had. This is the foundation of my commitment to h... See more

  • ... Institute for Business and Techn...
  • subject Microsoft Publisher + 17 more
  • Very responsive
Kathy Corcoran


3.5 miles away

Teacher, trainer, learning consultant

Hi - I have experience working in many educational settings: middle school, elementary, counseling, gifted learning and corporate America. Let me know what you need and we can work together to define your needs and schedule. Thx.

  • ... University of Oregon
  • subject Microsoft Publisher + 20 more
  • Very responsive
Juan Medina


4.8 miles away

Benedict College Chemistry Graduate with 3+ yrs of tutoring experience

I am a chemist from Benedict College with 3+ years of experience in tutoring and teaching middle and high school and undergraduate students. I truly specialize in chemistry, biology, math and Spanish courses. I believe in providing you with... See more

  • ... Benedict College
  • subject Microsoft Publisher + 24 more
  • Very responsive
Nicole Bermensolo

TUTORS LOCATION Huntington Beach

5 miles away

Experienced Academic and Test Prep Tutor!

* Running selective tutoring business independently since 2006 in both New York and California ; * Highly experienced Advanced Academic Tutor with diverse subject expertise ; * Friendly and energetic professional experienced at education of... See more

  • ... Georgetown University
  • subject Microsoft Publisher + 94 more
Ariel Miller-gonzalez


2.3 miles away

The Tutor Who Once Hated Math...

So there I am trying to stay awake during yet another hour-long math lecture (yawn), vigorously scribbling notes as fast as my hands would allow me to write, and by the time the bell rang...for some reason I could never really remember anyt... See more

  • ... Miami Dade College
  • subject Microsoft Publisher + 40 more

Why You Need a Microsoft Publisher Tutor

Microsoft Publisher is an entry-level graphic design application. It is different from Microsoft Word in that the emphasis is placed on page layout and design, rather than text composition and proofing. Do you need to learn the basics for work or just your own personal needs? Having knowledge of how to use Microsoft Publisher can set you up for a bright future. Microsoft Publisher is a popular useful program that you should be familiar with even after schooling. A Microsoft Publisher tutor can help teach you how to use all the tools of the program correctly.

Microsoft Publishing is a program that was created for small businesses to be able to create their own business marketing materials at a reasonable price. If you are currently job hunting you might find that several jobs are looking to hire someone with knowledge of this program. Microsoft Publishing might not be something you understand or have ever thought about, but now is the perfect time to learn. Microsoft Publisher tutoring will teach you how to operate this program like a pro with just a few sessions if you pay attention. The more you know the better chances you have of getting a tough job. Even if it is just entry level or your first job out of college, skills pay the bills. If you can put down that you have a confident understanding of Microsoft Publishing, you will put yourself in a better position to get great jobs. To ensure this happens you need career development tutoring with one of our professionals who understands the program and what you need to understand so you thrive in your future profession. 

You need to find a Microsoft Publishing tutor if you currently have a job, but want to move up and prove your worth. If you are currently working with a startup or a small business that has not really updated recently or is in the process of growing, you know they are in need of someone with an understanding of Microsoft Publisher. This will help you get a raise or hold a higher position, maybe even run your own department. When you bring different abilities to the table you will really help your boss and they will appreciate you learning new things for the betterment of their business. This will show that you truly care about this company and want to do all you can to make sure that it finds success. Your private Microsoft Publishing tutor will also be giving you tools that you will be able to use for the rest of your working life. So even if you plan on moving to a new company, you will still have a resource that is applicable and separates you from the pool of other applicants.

Being a small business owner or entrepreneur means that you have to be fiscally responsible especially when you are first starting off. But you also need to make sure your business is competitive and one of the main ways is through marketing. But not every business can afford a marketing campaign like major companies, so you know the importance and have realized “I need a Microsoft Publisher tutor.” Marketing is the way for your business to get the word out on what it is and what services you offer, so if you can do this yourself you can save a ton of money.

Working with a Microsoft Publisher tutor will give you the skills you need to be able to complete tasks such as these as well as several others. You need to be self-sufficient in order for your business to truly prosper in those first years, so learning Microsoft Publisher gives will be huge for your company. And you will be able to teach what you learn to one of your employees so that they can start taking on larger tasks within the company as well, while you focus on other things. Besides, the best way for you to retain knowledge is to be able to teach what you are learning.

“Microsoft Publisher tutor near me” or “Microsoft Publisher tutoring near me” is a great service we can definitely provide for you regardless of where you are in your career. People who are not tech savvy might think that they can never learn a program such as this, but that just is not the case with our tutors. They have the background in tutoring and with Microsoft Publisher that will give you the confidence to take on this daunting task. Let our professional tutors satisfy your learning needs and give you a skill that you will have for the rest of your life.

Patrick T.


1.3 miles away

Patrick Toulme

I consider myself an outstanding tutor and my students have achieved great results. I believe in thoroughly and clearly explaining the material to my students. I am very easy to work with and always professional.
... See more

  • ... University of Virginia
  • subject Microsoft Publisher + 69 more
  • in a day or more
Luis Baron


5 miles away

(2 ratings)
My experience as tutor in Math & Spanish

I have a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and Literature from Hunter College with a GPA of 3.9 and have 10 years of extensive experience tutoring students... See more

  • ... Hunter College of the City Unive...
  • subject Microsoft Publisher + 30 more
  • in a day or more


Paul A.


2.4 miles away


My name is Paul. I have previously worked as a Math & Physics Tutor (4+ years experience) with the NASA Scholars Program in Los Angeles, tutoring College and High School students(+test prep;SAT,GED,ASVAB,ACT,CSET,GMAT,MCAT,GRE).I have assis... See more

  • ... California State Polytechnic Uni...
  • subject Microsoft Publisher + 91 more
  • in a day or more


Misha Chada


1.8 miles away

Friendly Experienced Teacher who Guarantees Results

I believe first and foremost that education is the foundation of any nation, and that there must be a mission to make education readily accessible for all who desire it. In filling out my personal mission, I am all about evaluating, collect... See more

  • ... University of Texas at Austin
  • subject Microsoft Publisher + 159 more
  • in a day or more
Porscha G.


1.3 miles away

Extraordinarie Tutor with Tailored Instructional Pedagogy to Soothe!

I am a one of kind instructional guide, trained in all walks of education for over 15 years. I have taught in Montessori, Emilio/Piaget, Private, Public and Charter environments from ages 2 years old to adult. I have experienced with learni... See more

  • ... Loyola Marymount University
  • subject Microsoft Publisher + 85 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a Microsoft Publisher Tutor

If you want to work, be social, or succeed in school, you must have a good background in computers and computer programs. One of the most important ones is to have knowledge of Microsoft office. A Microsoft Publisher tutor can help get you familiarized with the program, as you will be using this during your time as an employee or business owner. Graphic design does not have to be restricted to individuals who understand the complex systems. With the right teacher, this type of skill is available to anyone willing to work hard. Getting familiar with this program will save you lots of time, money and frustration while providing you with several new opportunities.

One-on-one Microsoft Publisher tutors can give you a hands-on experience that you need in order to understand the program. If you are not someone who considered themselves to be shrewd when it comes to technology, you might be intimidated at first. Enrolling in a college course might also feel like a waste of time and money since you know you need a more personalized touch. When you sit down with a HeyTutor tutor this is what you will be getting. The best learning environment for you to succeed as a student will be what your tutor creates for you. They will take everything it is that you know about computers or the program and not teach you those aspects. Time is money, and our tutors want you to get the fullest out of each session.

That means each of your sessions will be made exclusively for you. Our reps will plug you in with a tutor who will work best with your learning style. If you like to be pushed as fast as possible then that is what our tutor will do for you. But if you enjoy a much slower pace and someone to take it easy, your tutor will cater to that need as well. Or if you are a mix of the two, then that is what you will get. Whatever your preference, it does not matter. The tutor just wants to make sure that you get the information they are teaching so that you can apply it in your job.

This is not a tutor who is trying to help you binge for an exam. Quite the contrary actually our tutors take a, teach a student to fish instead of giving them a fish, approach. They do not just give you the answers they help you learn the program so that you can find the answers yourself. There will be a day when your tutor is no longer by your side and you have to take what you have learned and use it for a job you are being paid for. Our tutors want to prepare you for that day so you can have the confidence to handle it like you have had the experience In Microsoft Publisher for decades.

At HeyTutor we want to make sure that you have the best tutor for your needs. A business owner has a unique set of needs than anyone else. Our tutors understand that and will act accordingly. Since we have so many different tutors that we can match you with, many of them have a background that is similar to yours. So they will not only be giving you the knowledge to work with Microsoft Publisher but they will also be a consultant of sorts for your business. They will show you how to use the program and then how to make it work best for your business.

This is unparalleled to the traditional classroom setting, not to mention the price range is much less expensive as well. At HeyTutor we do not believe that you should have to hurt your pockets in order to expand your knowledge. We have the most ideal packages for you to acquire those necessary skills you need to run your business or get that promotion. Needless to say, the best option for you to learn this program is through HeyTutor. We can set you up with a friendly and bright computer savvy tutor to come make your life a lot easier. Get confident in your Microsoft Publisher skills today.

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