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Andrew P.

1 miles away

Mechanical/Systems Engineer with Experience in Project Management

Brown University [2014]
Sc.B., Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace Applications

  • ... Brown University
  • subject Mechanical Engineering + 41 more
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Charles Abagi

2.9 miles away

Manhattan college 4.0 Mechanical engineer with 6 years experience

My name is Charles Abagi and I am a graduate Mechanical Engineering student at Manhattan College. I currently maintain a 4.0 GPA after receiving various scholarships such as the Presidential Scholarship and the S-Science Technology Engineer... See more

  • ... Manhattan College
  • subject Mechanical Engineering + 18 more
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Andrew Siordia

3.6 miles away

UCLA Materials Engineer with 6+ years of tutoring experience!

Hello!! I am a Materials Engineer offering math and science tutoring for high school and college students in the Santa Clara/Sunnyvale area/west & north San Jose area. Available after 6PM on most weekdays and flexible with weekends. Text, c... See more

  • ... University of California - Los A...
  • subject Mechanical Engineering + 14 more
Anas Nassar

3.5 miles away

Here to help! Specialized in Python, C++, Stat., data science.

Hi! My name is Anas! I recently got my PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Iowa. During my PhD, I taught programming to engineering students (C++ and Matlab), as a teaching assistant. I was also a TA for Optimization Design... See more

  • ... University of Iowa
  • subject Mechanical Engineering + 3 more

Why You Need a Mechanical Engineering Tutor

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering dealing with the design, construction, and use of machines. Engineers deal with small individual parts and devices for computers and printers, all the way to huge systems used to create spacecraft and tools for machines. Since there are so many complex features involved this course it is important for students to understand all the factors needed to design effective products. Some of these include parts, subsystems, environment, and from there, students will need to know how to design for aesthetic purpose, function, outside forces. This subject matter is intense but mechanical engineering tutoring can be a solid way to facilitate and make sure the students understand what is going on in this course. A private mechanical engineering tutor can help you or your student learn how to analyze and design objects and different types of systems with ease.

Mechanical engineering is a course that engineering students are going to have to take at some point throughout there career. But because of its difficulty, it is a course that is often dropped by students and it weeds out those who are not meant to be engineers. Several students might find themselves in this class and looking for a different major. But really all you need to be looking for is “mechanical engineering tutoring near me.” At HeyTutor we offer the types of tutors that you need so that you can thrive in a class such as this one and then later on in your career. If you are struggling in this class it is easy to lose focus on the bigger picture. You get so caught up in the moment and passing this class that you forget that this is only temporary. Later on, you will really regret not taking full advantage when you start working in the real world. You need to make sure that you have all of the skills that you need to have a fulfilling career. This means that you must retain the information that you are learning and not just binge so that you get a passing grade. Getting your diploma is only the beginning of this process, once you get it you will need to apply what you have learned.

Our mechanical engineering tutors will make sure that you are learning in the right way so that you can do both. They will not let you forget why you are in college in the first place, which is to get an education that you can use to get an even better job. Our tutors are all college educated and they have taken this course while meeting success. They know how stressful it can be and the overwhelming feelings that come along with college life. All of the exams and homework can feel like a sea of obligations that is easy to drown in. But one of our tutors will act as a life raft for you to use so that you are able to ease your mind a bit. We have such a large pool of tutors that several of them actually work as professionals and use mechanical engineering on the daily. They will be able to give you insight that would be unavailable in a classroom setting.

At HeyTutor we look to create a unique learning environment which is probably unlike anything you thought you would experience when you started scouring the internet for a “mechanical engineering tutor near me.” Having the opportunity to learn from someone who is working in the field is something that will be invaluable to your overall college experience. When you take this step you are moving in the right direction toward becoming a top tier engineer. Our test preparation tutors also realize how difficult it can be to pass tests such as this one. They know that they are incredibly challenging because you will be faced with similar obstacles when you hit the real world. They will be able to provide you with skills that give you the confidence that you are going into the exam room with the knowledge you need to make the grade. If you are serious about becoming an engineer, and a good one at that, then you need to start working with one of our professional tutors,

Kevin Kibala

1.1 miles away

High School Physics and Chemistry Teacher and Turtor

I am a Physics, Chemistry, and Physical Science tutor in Bergen County. I am teaching my 9th year of high school physics and chemistry at Pascack Valley High School. I also have a wide experience tutoring Physics, Chemistry, and Physical Sc... See more

  • ... The College of New Jersey
  • subject Mechanical Engineering + 7 more
Ian Billinge

2.1 miles away

Ivy League Physics major with years of tutoring experience

I am a senior studying physics at Yale. I have extensive tutoring experience, having been a peer tutor all through high school and college. While in college, I began working as an SAT tutor and have expanded my subjects to include ACT, ISEE... See more

  • ... Yale University
  • subject Mechanical Engineering + 38 more
Phil Engel

2.7 miles away

B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering with 4 years of tutoring experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University and have 4 years of experience tutoring. I specialize in homework completion, exam preparation, and studying in Physics, Engineering (Thermodynamics, Heat... See more

  • ... Washington State University
  • subject Mechanical Engineering + 21 more
Mark Magarity

4.2 miles away

Junior Mechanical Engineer Major w/ Engineering Leadership Dev. Minor

Hi there! My name is Mark Magarity. I intend to graduate The Pennsylvania State University - Main Campus in 2021 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, as well as a minor in Engineering Leadership Development. I look... See more

  • ... Pennsylvania State University
  • subject Mechanical Engineering + 13 more
Ian Stranathan

1.2 miles away

(1 ratings)
7+ years of math tutoring/ teaching

B.S physics, B.S Math. Math, physics, graphics, German, Turkish

  • ... University of Vermont
  • subject Mechanical Engineering + 19 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Mechanical Engineering Tutor

If you have a love for science or building things then you are probably on your quest toward becoming an engineer. However, you have also probably realized that this is not an easy major at all and the classes are incredibly demanding. This is especially true when it comes to mechanical engineering classes. When you find a mechanical engineering tutor you are finding someone who can give you hands-on experience that will help lower your stress level in this class. The main advantage of having a private mechanical engineering tutor is the ability to structure lessons to your needs. Tutors have different materials to work with, and more importantly a different type of teaching style that you can understand better. Another great thing is you get to control your environment. You can choose to make the comfort of your own home, your new classroom.

These are the types of things that we offer at HeyTutor to truly set you up to succeed in this course. College is a challenging time in most anyone’s life. There are so many new things thrown at you and classes can feel like they are unbearable. Sometimes you may not want to go and when you do go you feel you are just falling further and further behind. This is mainly because there is a disconnect being created between you and the materials. Usually, this happens because you are not in sync with your teacher’s style of teaching. Or there could be a plethora of other reasons why you are not able to focus. Nevertheless, this can be something that is incredibly frustrating and will leave you feeling like you truly do not belong. But our mechanical engineering tutors will help you alleviate this issue by giving you the tools that you seek so that you can pass your class. Not everyone is going to thrive in the typical classroom setting, especially when they are in college. Because of this they often go to after hours, hoping that they will be able to understand the concepts there. But then they get there only to find that several dozen other students are there. This means the student is essentially in the exact same position they were in before they came to after hours. If you resonate with this you know “I need a mechanical engineering tutor.”

They will help you improve your skills and start to see your grade soar. We cannot guarantee anything when it comes to certain grade score. But if you listen to your tutor and do the work they have assigned, you will see that your grade will start to increase. This is because you will essentially be working with your own teacher who can breakdown all of these complex problems you are having. They understand because they have been there, either themselves while they were in school or with another student. All of our tutors have years of experience working with students who are just like you. Having said that, our tutors do not use one cookie cutter approach to teach you. They know that everyone has their own unique learning style, which is why you came to HeyTutor in the first place. Knowing this information they will create a tailored lesson plan around you as a student and your needs. They will take into account what your teacher is asking of you and how you have done on your past assignments.

This assessment will be used to make an incredible lesson plan that you can follow to get the grade that you need. But the grade is just the beginning, you will also be able to utilize the information later on in life when you start working. Of course, you want to pass your class but you also want to be able to thrive in your job when the time comes. The last thing you want is to be on the job and struggle with something because you missed out on it in your class while you were binging. Binging is the absolute worst way of learning and not what our tutors condone at all. They will make you comfortable and take your needs into account when they start working with you. They will engineer a plan that will make sure you are the best possible student and professional. HeyTutor is a platform that offers an extensive amount of tutoring services. By searching through our instructor's profiles you can be sure to choose the right tutor for you. Let us help take you to the next level of mechanical engineering.