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Leslie W.

3.7 miles away

Texas A&M Ph.D. Graduate with 19 Years Experience in Education

I hold a masters and doctorate in mathematics education along with a teacher certification in Math Grades 6-12. I have been in education for 19 years as a tutor, teacher, instructional coach and consultant. I’ve tutored small and large grou... See more

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Getahun D.

4.5 miles away

CSULA Electrical Engineering Msc. Graduated with 7 years of Tutoring.

Hi there, my name is Getahun, I have my masters in Electrical Engineering and BSC in Statistics/Mathematics.
As you will see in my resume , I have a sufficient experience for the position... See more

  • ... California State University - Lo...
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Marissa Power

3.7 miles away

High School Math Teacher with Engineering Background

Current high school math teacher, teaching Algebra 1 and Geometry at Konawaena High School on the Big Island, HI. I have students ranging from 9th-12th grade and work very closely with the Common Core Curriculum.
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  • ... Georgia Institute of Technology...
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Frederick Ahrens

2.7 miles away

Statistics and Mathematics Tutor

I freelance in tutoring others in statistics and mathematics. I also pursue research in data science and systems engineering applications to everyday problems.
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Madison Cox

4.9 miles away

University of Michigan Mathematics Graduate, Previous Mathnasium Tutor

I have a Bachelors in Mathematics as well as a minor in Writing from the University of Michigan. Additionally, I am currently a Columbia student working through a post-bacc program for premedical sciences. For the past year I have worked ex... See more

  • ... University of Michigan - Ann Arb...
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Why You Need a MATLAB Tutor

Scientists and engineers all around the world use MATLAB to examine and put together systems and products that transform our world. You will need to understand this system when dealing with cellular networks, health monitoring devices, interplanetary spacecraft, and several other powerful systems. Learn what it takes to use this complex program and get the best out of it while also having the confidence to use it effectively. A MATLAB tutor can teach you how to analyze and create systems giving you an overall strong foundation from the program.

MATLAB tutoring opens you up to all sorts of machine learning, such as signal processing, image processing, computer vision, communications, computational finance, control design, and robotics. If you are interested in being an engineer or some sort of scientist, but currently enrolled in the class you are probably in an Intro to MATLAB course. To find a MATLAB tutor can be the difference between you just getting the grade you need and you acquiring the skills you need to succeed in the workforce. This is a system that uses practices engineers and scientists implement in just about every field, so it is imperative that you know exactly how to use it and that you do not forget how to use it.

If you discover that you may have forgotten some of the basics but are enrolled in an advanced level course, you know that you are expected to have a solid understanding of the program on day one of the class. If you need to go back over the basics you need to find a “MATLAB tutor near me” because you know your professor is not going to go over what you have already learned. Our computer tutors, however, will do this with you so that you are able to move forward and excel in your course, while also never forgetting the information again. If you find that you have no trouble remembering the basics but the new things you are learning continue to give you problems you will need “MATLAB tutoring near me.”

You will need to understand MATLAB if you plan on truly diving into a career as an engineer or scientist. Universities use this program to test different concepts within the engineering world that you will use later on in your career. So in other words, if you do not understand MATLAB you will not be able to find success as an engineer later on in your career. If this is something that worries you, you know that “I need a MATLAB tutor.” You want to set yourself apart from the competition so you can do the best job possible in class but also when you get into the workforce. This will help create a divide between you and the competition when it comes to getting your dream job. But also understanding this program will ensure that you have the confidence to walk into a test and get that grade you need. And ideally, that confidence will carry over when you begin to work.

Like mentioned, MATLAB is one of the programming languages that several engineering companies use, so you want to have an understanding of this but one that goes further than the classroom. Our tutors have working experience and can break things down for you in a way that is applicable to the field you are looking to enter. We offer some of the best professional tutoring services around best around and our instructors know what you are going through in your courses because they have been there before. This is something that is a necessity if you truly want to find success in your desired field. This is a complex program that is not meant for everyone, and not every single student will be able to understand. Eliminate any chance that you will fall into this category by teaming up with one of our tutors. They have worked with this program and still do, so they completely understand the ins and outs. Our tutors have the working experience matched with the tutoring experience, that will truly be beneficial for you as a student. They will pinpoint what you already know while also shining a light on your areas that need growth. This is a system that is not easy by any means and our tutors realize this, but they also know how to get you into a position where you know you are more than adequate with MATLAB.

James Clifton

4.6 miles away

UC Merced Quantitative Psychology Doctoral Candidate

Hi! I am a classically trained research methodologist and statistician. I taught a variety of Psychology and Math related courses during my time in graduate school, but my area of expertise is statistics and research methods. I would be h... See more

Ming-ming Tran

2.8 miles away

Princeton Chemical Engineering Graduate with 15 Years Experience

Hi! I'm a Princeton '15 graduate in Chemical and Biological Engineering. I have been tutoring students of all ages through my mom since I was in fourth grade, and I can teach a wide range of subjects, from essay writing to calculus to biolo... See more

William Hayes

4.9 miles away

UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering student; math tutoring experience

Hello! My name is Will Hayes and I am going into my junior year at UC Berkeley with a major in mechanical engineering and a minor in math. I have experience tutoring SAT and ACT math but also have knowledge in some higher level math. I can

  • ... University of California - Berke...
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David Wilson

4.9 miles away

Elmhurst College Physics/Secondary education graduate. 4+ years tutor.

I have a bachelors degree in physics/secondary education and a minor in mathematics. I am a physics teacher at Elmwood Park High School and a lead instructor at TinkRWorks. Throughout my 4 years in college, I was involved in 10 groups/organ... See more

Raymond Slu

3.7 miles away

UC Berkeley Physics - 2 Years Teaching Experience

Hi students! I know studying for exams can be stressful, so I am here to support you both academically and emotionally. I will make sure not only that you know the material, but walk into that exam room with confidence!
... See more

  • ... University of California - Berke...
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Benefits of Hiring a MATLAB Tutor

Learning this platform with a MATLAB tutor will optimize your ability to solve engineering and scientific problems. You’ll learn the best possible way to express computational mathematics and be able to gain a special insight with a one-on-one MATLAB tutor. With a computer science tutor, you will also be learning all about the integrated graphics and gain insights from the data and visuals. Working with a private MATLAB tutor will help you to take your ideas beyond the program.

When you are in a class with several other students with various other needs, the class can be something that you dread going to every week. A professor can only do so much in the given amount of time and you might discover that there are some things that are getting passed over that you struggle with learning. At the same time, if there are things that you excel with but your professor spends a considerable amount of time on that subject you might feel as if your time is being wasted. This does not create an ideal situation for you to learn and it becomes easier to get distracted and not get the best out of the course. That is until you work with a private tutor who can focus exclusively on you as a student.

When you work with one of our tutors they will sit down with you and figure out exactly what it is you are learning. From what you are being taught in class your tutor will ask you what it is you find to be relatively simple and what you find to be a hassle. Based on that and how they view you as a student, they will create a lesson plan around you. This lesson plan is one of a kind because not only is it custom-made for you as a student, but it is created by a working professional. Since our tutors are working professionals they know what it takes to find success in the field you are trying to break into one day. This gives their lessons a chance to set you up and get your grade but also get you into the particular field you want to work in. Working with an excellent tutor who is also proficient in engineering or as a scientist is something that is quite difficult to find, but something we can make happen at HeyTutor. So you will not just be hiring a tutor who can make sure you understand MATLAB as a professional does, but you are also getting a mentor.

Since MATLAB is a particular program aimed at specific job types, working with your tutor will also be a networking opportunity for you as well. If you do listen to your tutor and do the lessons they assign to you, you will pass your class. With those grades and your newfound knowledge, you will put yourself into a position to get that dream job. But not only will you do that with what you’ve learned you may even have a reference from a working professional who has helped you attain your knowledge of MATLAB. What better reference to have than someone who has assisted you and watched your growth as a young professional?

MATLAB is a program that is not usually associated with the word fun, but our tutors want this to be fun for you as a student. You will be using practices you’ve learned from MATLAB for the rest of your career, so you might as well enjoy what you are doing while you are learning. This is also the best way for you to be able to hold onto each of the lessons and intricacies of MATLAB for later use in your career. By making the lessons enjoyable and creating a comfortable learning environment for you as a student, your tutor will give you the assurance you seek when it is time to take that test. But also when it is time to get that job you want, you will know you have the skills you need to be a true asset to the team. You will be using the foundation set up by your HeyTutor tutor for the rest of your career, which is something that they truly pride themselves on.

HeyTutor has a great directory of well-educated tutors ready to help you explore your library of new tools. Our instructors invite exploring, experimenting, and discovering. Learn from a professional in the comfort of your own learning style. Searching is made quick and easy with our website. All you have to do is put your topic of interest and search dozens of profiles to find your match. Even read reviews from other students to learn about their experiences. Discover what you can do with a MATLAB Tutor today.

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Saprabh K.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

David was extremely helpful and patient as he helped me navigate a particularly difficult MATLAB problem.

Saprabh K. reviews David Meissner