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Eric Sakk

4.5 miles away

Cornell Electrical Engineering with 20+ years of teaching experience

I am extremely enthusiastic about imparting the tools necessary for students to become premiere problem solvers in the sciences. I have a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in applied mathematics and have 20+ years o... See more

  • ... Cornell University
  • subject MATLAB + 13 more
  • in a day or more
Paul G.

1.3 miles away

Mechanical Engineering Undergrad at Steven's Institute of Technology

My greatest passion is guiding students to persevere through the challenging courses with exceptional grades in order to have a good opportunity for college or maintain a consistent regime to succeed in college. Began by tutoring for my com... See more

  • ... Union County College
  • subject MATLAB + 25 more
  • in a day or more
Ronak A.

1.9 miles away

Math Instructor with 15+ years experience

I have a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics from KNT University of Technology in Iran. Used to be a full time faculty member as a Math professor in Azad University in Iran for about 15 years. I believe learning math for each person need... See more

  • ... University of Montevallo
  • subject MATLAB + 22 more
  • in a day or more
Coty Hallett

3.2 miles away

Mechanical Engineer tutoring Math, Science, and Engineering

I am a recent graduate from the Texas Tech University Whitacre College of Engineering. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a major in mechanical engineering with minors in mathematics and general business. I tutor most anything related to ma... See more

  • ... Texas Tech University
  • subject MATLAB + 46 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a MATLAB Tutor

Learning this platform with a MATLAB tutor will optimize your ability to solve engineering and scientific problems. You’ll learn the best possible way to express computational mathematics and be able to gain a special insight with a one-on-one MATLAB tutor. With a computer science tutor, you will also be learning all about the integrated graphics and gain insights from the data and visuals. Working with a private MATLAB tutor will help you to take your ideas beyond the program.

When you are in a class with several other students with various other needs, the class can be something that you dread going to every week. A professor can only do so much in the given amount of time and you might discover that there are some things that are getting passed over that you struggle with learning. At the same time, if there are things that you excel with but your professor spends a considerable amount of time on that subject you might feel as if your time is being wasted. This does not create an ideal situation for you to learn and it becomes easier to get distracted and not get the best out of the course. That is until you work with a private tutor who can focus exclusively on you as a student.

When you work with one of our tutors they will sit down with you and figure out exactly what it is you are learning. From what you are being taught in class your tutor will ask you what it is you find to be relatively simple and what you find to be a hassle. Based on that and how they view you as a student, they will create a lesson plan around you. This lesson plan is one of a kind because not only is it custom-made for you as a student, but it is created by a working professional. Since our tutors are working professionals they know what it takes to find success in the field you are trying to break into one day. This gives their lessons a chance to set you up and get your grade but also get you into the particular field you want to work in. Working with an excellent tutor who is also proficient in engineering or as a scientist is something that is quite difficult to find, but something we can make happen at HeyTutor. So you will not just be hiring a tutor who can make sure you understand MATLAB as a professional does, but you are also getting a mentor.

Since MATLAB is a particular program aimed at specific job types, working with your tutor will also be a networking opportunity for you as well. If you do listen to your tutor and do the lessons they assign to you, you will pass your class. With those grades and your newfound knowledge, you will put yourself into a position to get that dream job. But not only will you do that with what you’ve learned you may even have a reference from a working professional who has helped you attain your knowledge of MATLAB. What better reference to have than someone who has assisted you and watched your growth as a young professional?

MATLAB is a program that is not usually associated with the word fun, but our tutors want this to be fun for you as a student. You will be using practices you’ve learned from MATLAB for the rest of your career, so you might as well enjoy what you are doing while you are learning. This is also the best way for you to be able to hold onto each of the lessons and intricacies of MATLAB for later use in your career. By making the lessons enjoyable and creating a comfortable learning environment for you as a student, your tutor will give you the assurance you seek when it is time to take that test. But also when it is time to get that job you want, you will know you have the skills you need to be a true asset to the team. You will be using the foundation set up by your HeyTutor tutor for the rest of your career, which is something that they truly pride themselves on.

HeyTutor has a great directory of well-educated tutors ready to help you explore your library of new tools. Our instructors invite exploring, experimenting, and discovering. Learn from a professional in the comfort of your own learning style. Searching is made quick and easy with our website. All you have to do is put your topic of interest and search dozens of profiles to find your match. Even read reviews from other students to learn about their experiences. Discover what you can do with a MATLAB Tutor today.

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Saprabh K.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

David was extremely helpful and patient as he helped me navigate a particularly difficult MATLAB problem.

Saprabh K. reviews David Meissner