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Found 211 Geometry tutors in Boston, MA. Geometry tutoring in Boston, MA

John Maher


1.7 miles away

6th Grade Math Teacher

I'm a 26 year old 6th grade math teacher in Lawrence. I worked for three years as an aide at Cohasset Middle School in which I was a 1-1 aide for two years, and then worked as an aide in all math classes for 1 year across grades 6-8. I am

Qingru Xu


1.6 miles away

BU Computer Engineer Graduate specialize in STEM, Chinese, and TOEFL

I have a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from Boston University. I have years of experience in tutoring math subjects, ranging from middle school to college level, and test-taking strategies. I believe that there is no boring subject, on... See more

Leina Essakalli


1.3 miles away

Math tutor (harvard student)

My name is Leina.
I’m a biomedical engineer (graduated from the best engineering school in Europe

Veer Shah


1.6 miles away

Chemical Engineer at Northeastern University

I have 6 years of extensive experience tutoring students of a broad range of age 4-18. I truly specialize in math (Calculus I, II & III, Probability, Statistics), chemistry, physics and standardized test prep, whether it be PSAT/SAT, SAT Su... See more

  • ... Northeastern University
  • subject Geometry + 65 more
  • in 16 hours
Brenton Stokes


2.3 miles away

Brown University alum with 4+ years of tutoring experience

I hold two music degrees; a BA from Brown and an MM from Berklee Valencia. I also have comprehensive math background from taking a lot of math and engineering courses @ Brown. I tutor students of all ages. No challenge is insurmountable!

  • ... Brown University
  • subject Geometry + 42 more
  • in a day or more

Why You Need a Geometry Tutor In Boston

Boston is a wonderful city filled with activities to participate in all the time. However, it can feel rather boring when you are spending your summer retaking a geometry class that you failed. If you want to avoid having to do this then you need to be teamed up with a Boston geometry tutor. We know that this class is not one that students typically want to take because most of us struggle.

If you are one of these students but have to take the class it behooves you to learn this material. There is a reason why this is a required course toward your major so you have to take full advantage of your time in the class. You never know when you are going to be working your new job and your knowledge of geometry will help you get out of a jam.

So learn all you can right now with geometry tutoring in Boston that is going to be invaluable to you. Being able to put down that you are adept with geometry on your resume is going to help you stick out that much more. Knowledge is power, so become as powerful as possible by working with a Boston math tutor.

Jae Jung


5 miles away

Brandeis University Graduate (6+ years of molecular biology research)

I have a masters degree in neuroscience from Brandeis University and have an extensive research experience in molecular biology and neuroscience. I have an experience teaching AP science courses, middle school to high school math, and SAT.

  • ... Brandeis University
  • subject Geometry + 23 more
  • in a day or more
Ram Janam


2.9 miles away

Math and Art Tutor with a fun learning tutoring style

Hey, I love teaching and tutoring what I know. I've mastered in Math & Art and have a good experience in teaching these subjects in a effective and simple way.

  • ... Indiana Institute of Technology
  • subject Geometry + 21 more
Corey Moore


1.2 miles away

MIT / Virginia Tech alum. Math-Sciences-Statistics-Test Prep and More

Work with a real professor! Stop struggling and come steal my expertise and strategies!

... See more

  • ... Virginia Polytechnic Institute a...
  • subject Geometry + 30 more
  • in a day or more
Maya C.


3.8 miles away

Harvard graduate with 4+ years of teaching/tutoring experience

I earned a B.A. in Earth & Planetary Sciences and a minor in Mathematical Sciences from Harvard College in 2019. Over the past 4 years, I have worked as a science teacher for students aged 8-12 and as a tutor in math, statistics, science, a... See more

  • ... Harvard University
  • subject Geometry + 60 more
  • in a day or more
Celina Zhao


4.2 miles away

Northeastern University Business and Mathematics Major Student

I'm a First-Year at Northeastern University. I took AP Calculus AB in my senior year of high school and received a score of 5 in the AP exam, so I'm very comfortable with all levels of mathematics ranging from basic mathematics to Precalcul... See more

  • ... Northeastern University
  • subject Geometry + 8 more
  • in a day or more

Benefits of Hiring a Geometry Tutor In Boston

At HeyTutor we look to accommodate your student and their learning style. This is not a one size fits all approach where a random tutor shows up and just hopes that your child is going to understand. We are going to create an experience that is entirely based on your child's needs in their geometry class. The professional tutor will take into account several different things before they even sit down with your child to start teaching.

First off, your child will gather all of the materials that they have been given in class. This includes the syllabus, graded materials and anything else that has been handed out. Based on this the geometry tutor in Boston will be able to create a lesson plan where the main goal is to make sure that your child understands geometry and passes their class. This is ensuring that their needs are being met but that they are actually learning.

As a proactive parent, you know the importance of a good education in this economy. The more your child knows the better off they will be when it is time to graduate. Just having a basic understanding of geometry can make all the difference when it is time for your child to start working. Although your child might not want to work with a tutor right now we will help them change their mind.

Our experience is unique to anything that have experienced up until this point. This is why you must act now and get things rolling so they can start to find success in this class. Boston geometry tutoring is now more attainable than it has ever been thanks to HeyTutor. But also the service we offer is truly going to stick out and you will feel the effects right away. We specialize in getting you matched with the absolute best possible geometry tutor so let us do what we do best.

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