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Rashid A.

1 miles away

Medical student with tutoring experience since high school

Hello, my name is Rashid Ahmed. I am a medical student at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago, IL. I am originally from Rhode Island. I decided to take a few years off from school to pursue my research inte... See more

  • ... Rosalind Franklin University of...
  • subject Logic + 75 more
Prateek Gupta

2.2 miles away

Recent University graduate with rigorous mathematical training

I recently graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Mathematics-Computer Science, and a degree in Electrical Engineering. Having a second degree in Electrical Engineering allowed me to thoroughly understand the applications of the

Vanessa Wang

3 miles away

(1 ratings)
English / Mandarin Tutor With 6 Years of Teaching Experience

I have been teaching since I left for Taipei 6 years ago. I earned Chinese literature as my bachelor's degree, and Eastern Philosophy as my first mast... See more

  • ... University of the West
  • subject Logic + 32 more
  • in a day or more
Judith P.

1.7 miles away

Professional Writer, 3.9 GPA

I am an aspiring librarian and my talents lie largely in related subjects: reading, writing, psychology, and computer science.
I take a student-focused approach to tutoring, where we figure out your strength... See more

  • ... Olympic College
  • subject Logic + 67 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a Logic Tutor

When considering hiring a logic tutor one must explore the benefits. This is the logical thing to do. First and foremost grade improvement is one of the top things on the list. Not only will your grades increase, but you will see them improve faster than studying and working hard on your own. Additionally, you will save time studying by learning concepts faster, and understanding new topics the first time around. If you have trouble along the way, you have your tutor there to support you and answer any questions that arise. Having a one-on-one logic tutor give you more confidence in your course work which will show up on your homework, and lead to better test scores.

The benefits go through the roof when you team up with one of our tutors for several reasons. But mainly because the college lecture style of learning is not for everyone especially in certain situations. If you are having issues in your class it is probably because there is a disconnect between you and the way the course materials are being presented. This is completely understandable and several students go through the same thing. Since you will be working with a tutor who has so many years of experience under their belt you know that they have dealt with students with this same problem. But that does not mean they will treat you the same as they would any other student. They are going to create a lesson plan that is particular to you and that will be geared toward your success. You will never be able to get this in your college class and this is not a knock at universities. They are just unable to do this because they have so many other students to worry about and it is literally impossible for them to cater to the needs of everyone in the class.

This is when you are going to have to work with someone who can give you the focused attention that you need right away. But not only will you have someone there who you can just bounce ideas off of when you are struggling with topics. You will have a professional who can introduce you to things that your professor may not have been able to touch on. That is going to make a major difference if you are trying to work with logic later on in your life. You will literally be able to use some of the things that your tutor taught you toward your career. This type of tutoring is huge and you know this, which is why you also know that the HeyTutor experience goes above and beyond.

If you are serious about being the best possible employee when the time comes, then this is the type of time you are going to have to put in. You have to do extra or you are just going to be one of the names in a hat. Make sure that you stand out, which is what our tutors will make sure of after each and every session. You will be able to feel the effects of this tutoring after you walk out and feel your confidence growing in the convoluted subject. There is truly nothing like this and you will recognize that right away. Being able to have conversations with someone who is on the caliber of our professional tutors will act as a mentorship. So you are getting more than you thought when you said: “I need a logic tutor.”

If you match the passion of our tutors and do the work that they assign you, your knowledge of this subject will expand beyond your belief. You know that you are capable of this type of greatness you just needed someone to help you get there. That is what our tutors do for you because, as mentioned, they act as a mentor for you. When you have a mentor who is also your tutor and has connections in the industry that you hope to work in one day it will act as a networking opportunity as well. Your tutor might have connections and can get you in touch with someone who can give you a job one day. A reference who knows how hard you work and what you are capable of from first-hand experience is the best kind.

So stop just trying to get through this rough subject by yourself and let our tutors at HeyTutor assist you. Our superb team of reps is waiting to get a call from you so they find a logic tutor who can start putting you on the right track. We have the logic tutors you need to get the types of results that you know you are capable of achieving.