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Mary Lea Hankey

2.3 miles away

Professional educator and tutor for 20+years

Passionate dedicated educator with a strong back ground in math, science, learning disabilities and special needs students. Proven track record of 20 plus years. Certified special education teacher. My specialties are anatomy and physiol... See more

  • ... University of Maryland - College...
  • subject Life Sciences + 36 more
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Claudia Garcia

4.9 miles away

Cell Molecular Biologist, native Spanish speaker, 10+ years tutoring

I am a Cell Biologist with 10 years of experience tutoring students of all ages. I love science and like to share my passion with students. During tutoring sessions, I like to relate science to everyday things so that it is easier to unders... See more

PhD Biochemistry with a strong theoretical and research background

I have doctorate degree in Biochemistry with strong background in Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry. I have experience of teaching students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I make my students comfortable by teaching them in a fri... See more

  • ... International Academy
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Benefits of Hiring a Life Sciences Tutor

There are a ton of sciences that fall under life sciences and because of that, the information can feel like an overload. This is especially true if you are studying one of these subjects while you are in college. The classes are much more intense and the amount of information that you need to retain is increased tenfold. This is something that causes for much stress and several students drop this major as a whole because it is too much. But that should not be the case for you, especially if you are passionate about working in the sciences. Nothing that is easy is worth it, so you need to put in the work. When you are matched with one of our tutors you know that they work you are putting in is guided and focused. The last thing you want is to spend hours with the materials only to find out that you are doing something the wrong way.

Eliminate any of these risks by working with one of our fantastic science tutors. They know what you are going through because they have been there before. But they have gotten through it and know what it takes to find success. They have also worked with students who are going through similar struggles as you right now, so they have proven techniques that work. This does not mean that they are going to do the exact same thing with you as they did with other students. They will take into account what it is you are struggling with and what your professor is asking for before they do anything. From there they will sit down with you and learn about the way you retain information. After which they will be able to create a lesson plan that is only for you and your success as a student. This is something that you will not be able to get anywhere else and the exact recipe that you need to be the student and working professional you know is within you.

Another pro of working with one of our tutors is that many of them currently work in the field you one day hope to join. This means that your sessions will be able to act as a networking time as well. Your tutor will have insight that your professor simply cannot provide. The conversations the two of you have will be almost as valuable as the education that you gain from them. On top of this, since they are working they will have connections that you might be able to take advantage of when you get your degree. There is no better reference than the person who essentially worked as a mentor for you and knows that you have what it takes to thrive in the working world. When you work with our tutors you are not being matched with someone who is going to do the work for you. This is not what we supply whatsoever at HeyTutor. We have tutors who pride themselves on giving you the tools so that you can do it yourself and control your own destiny.

Our tutors take pride in knowing that they are setting you up for lasting success. Life sciences tutoring like this is exactly what you need if you actually want to work with this subject matter later on in life. Even if you do not plan on working with this subject in your career but you need to get a grade, you need to find a “life sciences tutor near me.” They do not believe in cramming rather they will make sure that you are learning. Although you do not want to be someone who works with life sciences it still behooves you to pick up as much information as possible in college. You never know when you are going to need to use this knowledge that you have gained, as the more you know the better asset you are for your company.

By searching for life sciences tutors through HeyTutor you will be matched with someone who can help guide you through the natural phenomena’s that take place on Earth. This is the type of service that you need if you want to learn any and everything about life sciences. Do not let anything stand in your way of reaching your goals. All you need to do is call our team of reps at HeyTutor and they will set you up with a proficient life sciences tutor.