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Mary Richert


3.6 miles away

(1 ratings)
Current Graduate student with experience in Writing Tutoring

Hello! My name is Mary and I am currently in graduate school getting my Masters in Theology. I love helping students with all aspects and stages of wr... See more

  • ... Thomas More College of Liberal A...
  • subject Latin + 22 more
  • Very responsive
Maria Torron-gomez


3.7 miles away

Master teacher with over 20 years of experience

I have been a teacher and mentor for over 20 years teaching all levels and programs in Spanish from kindergarten to high school. These teaching assignments have been a great opportunity to use my skills as a strong language teacher. I also

  • ... Florida International University
  • subject Latin + 24 more
  • Very responsive
Lauren S.


3.5 miles away

English Tutor / Writer

I received my bachelor's degree in English Writing from Loyola University New Orleans in 2015. After a year of teaching middle school and substitute teaching, I went back to school and received my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing deg... See more

  • ... Loyola University New Orleans
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Steven Miller


3.4 miles away

Experienced & Enthusiastic Tutor: Organic | Chemistry | Biology

Hi, I'm Steven. I love chemistry and biology, and I have a passion for teaching and mentoring others. I want to help you demystify and simplify difficult subject matter into easy, relatable terms. My goal is to motivate you to achieve yo... See more

Hunter N.


1 miles away

UCLA Classicist with Expertise in Latin, Ancient Greek, and History

I am an interdisciplinary scholar with extensive training and expertise in classical languages, literatures, and linguistics. I completed my PhD studies in classics at UCLA, where my area of interest was late antique social and religious hi... See more

  • ... University of California - Los A...
  • subject Latin + 5 more

Why You Need a Latin Tutor

For most of us, Latin is no longer a language that we use on a daily basis. However, if you (or your student) is currently taking classes and needs to perfect their Latin, hiring a Latin tutor will most definitely be highly useful. Learning to read, write and communicate in an ancient language is something that will be able to set you apart from your peers when it comes to joining the workforce or just excelling in the classroom. From elementary Latin tutors to high school Latin tutors or even in college our tutors are all highly beneficial to your growth within the Latin language and beyond. However, learning the language at a young age will ensure your student will set themselves up for success later on in life especially when dealing with those standardized tests to get into college. A study was recently done and it was proven that students who had studied Latin outperformed their peers who studied French, Spanish, Hebrew and German on the SAT. So needless to say the benefits of hiring a one-on-one Latin tutor at any age will set you up to accomplish all your goals.

With that being said, Latin is more than just simply learning the language, it's building a foundation that stretches into several other fields of studies. For example, Latin tutoring will also help you prepare for the future by improving your English as well as your grammatical skills. From English Literature to History the learning potential is vast, you will not only become multilingual but your mind will also be opened to different ideas as you explore the language with your hired language tutor. Latin is a dead language, technically, but it is still felt throughout the English language and several others. In essence, it is the foundation needed to learn many other languages in a time where it is more important than ever to know more than one language. There are five romance languages in total: Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese and they all developed from Latin. Hiring a Latin tutor is a gateway language into learning other languages and truly expanding your mind thus setting yourself up for opportunities such as scholarships or jobs later on in life.

HeyTutor is the perfect place to make sure that you get all the tools you need to master the Latin language thus setting yourself up to master those other languages. HeyTutor is so different in it’s one-on-one approach because it can be difficult at times to learn anything, especially a foreign language, in the traditional school setting or in large tutoring groups. Being in a classroom with several other students who are all struggling with the same thing can only add to your frustration and make it almost impossible to truly grasp what the teacher is trying to teach. There might even be those select few students who have a knack for the language so they get the majority of attention thus leaving you even more frustrated and not moving forward in a way that is beneficial to your overall success.

At HeyTutor our tutors will give you the specialized attention you need to grow and fully get the help you need to get a strong understanding of the Latin Language. With highly skilled professionals who know the ins and outs of the language, the time they spend with you will be invaluable. Our packages ensure that you get what you need in order to achieve your desired goal which is to truly learn this language. Learning from our tutors will give you the peace of mind that you can get your assignments done in class without having to worry about if it is done correctly. At the same time, you will gain the knowledge needed to make sure you retain the information you are receiving so that you can use it later on in life. Latin may not always be part of your life, but working with one of our tutors at HeyTutor will make sure you are prepared if the moment does arise. Learning Latin can be your first step toward truly being multilingual while also vastly improving your English speaking and writing skills. So give HeyTutor a chance today and get the tools you need to master the Latin language.  

Kyle Roff


3.5 miles away

Elementary and Middle school teacher with 9+ years of experience

I taught 6th and 7th graders in Costa Rica for two years before returning to Minnesota to teach 7 years as a 5th grade classroom teacher. I have significant experience in differentiating instruction to meet the needs of my students in an a... See more

Dane Lemberger


2.1 miles away

Expert Chemistry, Math, Latin, & Test Prep Tutor - 13 Years Experience

I'm a Tufts graduate and have been a tutor for over 13 years. I am a firm believer in customizing lessons and study methods for every student. I strive to be entirely realistic and kind about the challenges clients face.
... See more

Daniel Horowitz


2.8 miles away

University of Pennsylvania Graduate

I graduated from the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania (cum laude with honors). I have prior tutoring experience and have worked with children as a camp counselor for 4 years! My specialties include the humanities: English and History.

Josh Horowitz


4.7 miles away

UPenn Graduate

I graduated from an Ivy League University (magna cum laude and with honors) and I have 3.5 years of tutoring experience. I specialize in humanities: English and history, but can also provide tutoring in many other subjects including foreign... See more

  • ... University of Pennsylvania
  • subject Latin + 28 more
  • in a day or more
Scott Wu


1.8 miles away

Math, Science, and English Tutor, College Counselor

I have been teaching and tutoring students for over 15 years, including students of nearly all ages. I have worked with hundreds of students, many of whom have gone on to receive scholarships and attend prestigious universities. I attende... See more

  • ... University of Southern Californi...
  • subject Latin + 74 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a Latin Tutor

You might be curious as to why you need Latin tutoring. Or if you are already committed to finding true success you have certainly been wondering "where can I find Latin tutoring near me?" or you have started searching something along the lines of "Latin tutor near me, I need a Latin tutor, or find a Latin tutor." Besides being accessible and near you, one of the main benefits of working with HeyTutor is the fact that you have professional tutors personally assigned to you who are looking to accommodate your needs and promote your growth. Every single person is different and has a learning style that is unique to their personality. At HeyTutor we will connect you with a private Latin Tutor who will give you the attention you need and pinpoint the issues you are having with the Latin language.

A student is only as good as their teacher and this is never more prevalent than when studying another language such as Latin. Not necessarily known as one of the most difficult languages to learn, Latin has an extensive history that not everyone has grasped. So hiring from HeyTutor will ensure you that you have a tutor who is knowledgeable about all things that have to do with the Latin language. With that knowledge, our Latin tutors will create specific lesson plans that will put you in a position to challenge your weaknesses which will, in turn, make them your strengths. These one-on-one Latin tutor sessions will also eliminate any anxiety you may have when in the classroom and dealing with topics you typically struggle with understanding. We all know what it is like to be sitting in class with the fear of asking a question that may come across as dumb. With HeyTutor that worry is completely eliminated as we want will improve those areas. Not everyone is going to have the same struggles so having a one-on-one session with HeyTutor makes sure you are getting the exact help that you need to learn what you do not know.

When working with HeyTutor you must also take into consideration the potential of taking Latin in college. There are certain majors that Latin is a necessary course credit you must take in order to move forward and graduate. So if you are struggling in a classroom setting in high school it will not get any easier in college. The transition is one of the main things that hinders most students and it is due to the fact that they are not asking the right questions. Working with HeyTutor will give you the comfort to ask those questions and get the answers you seek so by the time you make the jump to college you will excel in your classes. Our tutors have gone to college and understand what professors will be expecting from you once you walk into room which is a huge take away from your overall learning experience.

If you're looking to pursue a career in the sciences, government or law,  you must know Latin for you to triumph in any of these fields. Having a Latin tutor will give you that foundation so you are not only prepared but in a position to confidently move toward the career you want. There are several classes you must take to get to your major that you might dread. Hiring a study skills tutor will eliminate that and potentially turn Latin into one of your favorite courses due to what you've learned in your one-on-one sessions with HeyTutor.

At HeyTutor we pride ourselves on curating a program around you and your needs so that you no longer have the problems you had when you called us. With our individualized approach, we make sure to put the student in a comfortable situation where they are able to grow and learn the Latin language. We know how difficult it can be to learn something new so we want you to be in an agreeable environment so the pertinent information does not go in one ear and out the other. HeyTutor wants you to walk out of each session learning something new and getting more confident with your grasp on the Latin language. It is important for us to match you with a tutor who will turn your weaknesses into true strengths. To get started just check out the main page and enter your zip code to find the perfect tutor!

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