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Hoang Nguyen

2.1 miles away

Professional Senior Full-Stack Programmer

I'm a full-time senior programmer. I have worked professionally in the field for 5 years . I graduated from GuildHall of Southern Methodist University, ranked #1 of video game development in the world. I graduated from Texas A&M-University

  • ... Southern Methodist University
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Luis Cortes

3.6 miles away

Software Developer with 10+ years experience and a teaching background

I have spent most of my time working as a Software Developer many times as a lead developer. At times I had to use my background as a corporate trainer and customer facing skills to explain the direction of projects and understand customer... See more

  • ... The University of Texas at El Pa...
  • subject JQuery + 8 more
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Curtis Warren

2.6 miles away

Software Developer and Java Tutor

My name is Curtis Warren and I am currently a software developer, in the tech industry, who is looking for ways to give back to his community as a computer science tutor.
... See more

  • ... University of Maryland - Univers...
  • subject JQuery + 18 more
  • in 14 hours
Bruce Gilbert

4.5 miles away

Senior HTML/CSS/JavaScript tutor with one-on-one tutoring experience

I have a BA in Communications from Elon University and 20 years in digital communications. I know every aspect of front-end development of web sites and web applications and I am especially knowledgeable with semantic HTML5, CSS3, JavaScri... See more

  • ... Elon University
  • subject JQuery + 3 more
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David Chason

5 miles away

Software Engineer / Entrepreneur

Hello everyone, my name is David and I am a veteran software engineer with 5+ years of developing software for a multitude of diverse industries including aerospace/defense, healthcare and finance. I personally have founded multiple startup... See more

  • ... Edinboro University of Pennsylva...
  • subject JQuery + 23 more
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Why You Need a JQuery Tutor

By definition, jQuery is a fast, concise, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversing and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers. With this program, you will learn that it is not technically a language, but instead, it is a well written JavaScript code. Working with a jQuery tutor can really help you explore all options within this program by teaching you the basics and then working your way up. When exploring jQuery, you will get to learn some key concepts behind computer science and start to build up yourself as a professional standard programmer. Private jQuery tutors can give you the tools to keep you balanced in all areas you will cover with this programming system.

Any developer who is capable of using Javascript can also use jQuery. This is because jQuery essentially makes working with Javascript easier and is a library that is recognized as being easy to understand. This is not easy to pick up right away for everyone though, and if you are having problems then jQuery tutoring can eliminate them for you. A jQuery course can be a challenge because typically it will be an advanced level class where you will have to use your knowledge of other programs. If this is a struggle you are having jQuery tutoring can help you get past it. It is important that you are able to use this software, as it was created to make your life easier. When it is causing you to stress, something is not going right and our private jQuery tutors will be able to push you over this hump. When you find a jQuery tutor you need to make sure it is someone who has the background you need to get things done the right way.

As a college student enrolled in a class you might not have had to work with a tutor before you started struggling with jQuery. When you do your research and start looking up “jQuery tutors near me” or “jQuery tutoring near me” there are several things that are going to catch your eye. At HeyTutor we know exactly what it is you are looking for and can put you in contact with a tutor who meets all of your criteria. You must be able to work with someone who you will click with and that is what happens when you are matched with our wide array of professional tutors. Our tutors are college educated, not just students enrolled in the same classes as you looking to make a few quick bucks. So you can rest assured knowing that our team will be working diligently to match you with a study skills tutor who will exceed your expectations.

Working as a developer may have been something you did for years but now you want to give back to the future of the tech community. If you are looking to become a teacher, you know “I need a jQuery tutor.” Understanding how to use jQuery is one thing but being able to vocalize that to a group or students who are looking at you to learn is an entirely different situation. You do not want to find this out when you are trying to teach, so the best thing for you to do is to work with a jQuery tutor.

Our tutors will be able to help you understand teaching methods that will allow you to convey important information to your students. This will make you become the teacher that you know you can be while helping the next generation of great developers. Teaching is an art and it takes someone who understands it to pass that on to you. That is exactly what you will get when you work with one of our professional jQuery tutors. They might even be able to teach you a thing or two about jQuery that you did not know. It is never too late to learn something new.

Going from a beginner to an advanced jQuery user is something that will happen when you trust in your computer tutor and in yourself. They will help you unleash your ability to understand this program and be able to use it on the highest level. Your goals are just important to us as they are to you, and our tutors will help you reach them. The sky is the limit when you work with one of our jQuery tutors.

Joshua Smith

2 miles away

Web Development Tutor

Maker and educator with 10 years college-level teaching experience and diversely skilled in design, seeking educational opportunities in the Denver Metro Area. I am seeking additional opportunities to learn and teach while I continue my car... See more

  • ... Maryland Institute College of Ar...
  • subject JQuery + 8 more
UW Madison Computer Science Masters Student

I am currently pursuing my masters degree at University of Wisconsin, Madison in Computer Science. I previously worked as a Software Development Engineer. I would be happy to help succeed in your endeavors ! :)

  • ... University of Wisconsin - Madiso...
  • subject JQuery + 14 more
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Lingyi Lu

2.9 miles away

Software Developer with 2 years experience of tutoring

I am a software developer since 2014. I have been a programming tutor in college. I am familiar with Java, Python, PHP, MySql, and etc. I am also a Chinese tutor because I am native Chinese speaker.

  • ... Lehigh University
  • subject JQuery + 7 more
  • in a day or more
Charles Dennis

3.5 miles away

Game and Simulation Degree Graduate

6 years experience tutoring mathematics ages 11- 25. A student - Precalculus, Calculus, and Physics. Great computer background, 3 years of experience in teaching computer classes.

  • ... DeVry University
  • subject JQuery + 103 more
  • in a day or more
Christopher Cline (BS Mathematics, MS PhD Biblical Studies)

Looking to teach any math concepts, physics, bible topics, ect... Hoping to be a positive influence to any student who would wish to study further.

  • ... University of Pittsburgh - Main...
  • subject JQuery + 32 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a JQuery Tutor

Learning jQuery will help move you along by giving you more real-life experiences on understanding how this program works. You will get more familiarized with jQuery which will, in turn, help you with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Working with a one-on-one jQuery tutor means less pressure and more time to explore the foundations of the library. Whatever you currently want to improve on or get caught up on, our tutors will be able to assist you. You can be a beginner who is struggling to pick up the basics or an advanced user who needs to learn more about the intricacies. Our tutors know how to do it all so they are here for you.

A college jQuery tutor will be a unique resource for you as a student who is enrolled. Not only because they have knowledge of jQuery but also because they have been in similar classes. They have their degree and understand what it takes to get passing grades but also how to hold on to the information. They will be able to give you tips and tools that you can use to be the best possible student. This will happen with a lesson plan that is created specifically you as a student who is trying to learn jQuery. Our test preparation tutors will look at your old assignments, test, and quizzes so that they will be able to see what you are understanding and what you are not. They will be able to pinpoint your errors so that they can identify exactly what it is you are doing wrong. When this happens they will be able to create the perfect game plan for you to execute so that you can get your passing grade. But you will also be starting to build up your resume as a young professional as well.

The best thing you can get before hitting the industry is to be able to gain insight from someone who is currently working in that said industry. Many people go their entire careers without having a mentor which is a huge mistake and could potentially hold them back. You must learn from individuals who went down the path you are going to partake on so you can avoid the same mistakes. This is what you will be getting with a tutor from HeyTutor. They are incredibly knowledgeable and know how to teach you in terms that make sense to you because it is applied to what you want to do with your life. Since you probably are pursuing a career that you are interested in, this style of teaching will be enjoyable for you.

We do not believe that learning should be a bland experience where you just sit there like a mindless drone ready for the class to be over. We want you to be engaged and having a great time while learning a program that you will use for the majority of your career. This will ensure that you keep the information when it is time for a test and also when it is time to apply it at your job. You do not want to forget anything when you start working because this could ultimately end up with you being fired. The knowledge you gain from your tutor will work as a framework for the rest of your career. At HeyTutor we believe in teaching our students how to fish, not just force-feeding them. We want you to be an individual force to be reckoned with both in the classroom and at the workplace.

Finding a tutor who is passionate, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about jQuery does not have to be a headache or a long drawn out process. At HeyTutor we make finding the best possible tutor a relaxed experience where you are able to sit back and let our team get things done for you. We have a world class team that can do all the inside work so you can get exactly what you’re looking for, without spending too much time doing unnecessary research and reviewing profiles. We dedicate our time and attention to your success. Get started with your first session today with one of our tutors who can help you with all things jQuery.