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Alice D.

4.4 miles away

New York University B.F.A. Tutors: Literature, History, Science,Math

About Me

Hi! My name is Alice Dranger. I am an NYU:TISCH graduate with a B.F.A. in Drama... See more


( also known as Prof.ARASSU)

UC Berkely, math and standardized exam tutor

ACT ▌SAT ▌Math SAT I+II subject tests ▌PSAT
ISEE ▌SSHAT ▌SSAT ▌NY state tests ▌Regents
ERB ▌Hunter exam ▌Matholympiad ▌Math Kangaroo ▌AMC

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Israa S.

1.9 miles away

Experienced MCAT/science/math tutor w/MCAT score of 97th percentile!

Howdy! I’m an energetic and upbeat graduate of Texas A&M with a degree in Biology! I graduated Cum Laude, and have since taken the MCAT, scoring in the 97th percentile!
... See more

Awesome Professional Math and Physics Tutor...!!!

I absolutely love helping people understand math better. I have been tutoring math since my sophomore year at Virginia Tech--eons ago.

... See more

  • ... Virginia Polytechnic Institute a...
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Why You Need a ISEE Tutor

ISEE stands for the "Independent School Entrance Exam". The ISEE is a standard assessment of skills for each applicant, ranking their reasoning and achievement skills among their peers in the same grade. This test gives students the chance to take a single, fair, and reliable test for admittance into top-performing independent schools. Tests like these can create an immense amount of stress for your child. It seems that students are busier than ever these days and because of this some struggle to balance all of the activities they are involved in. On top of all of their extracurricular, they still have to focus on getting the best grades possible, completing their homework, and holding up to the other expectations of schools and universities. Because of all of this, taking a standardized test might not be on the top of their mind. But that is a mistake just waiting to happen so it makes sense to have an ISEE tutor working with them.

An exam such as the ISEE has such high implications that it can be an absolute daunting thing for your child to have to deal with. This is especially true when your child has never really taken a standardized test. They might be feeling intimidated since they have no idea what to expect. Surely their teacher has prepared them for what is to come, but they also might be dealing with test anxiety. Not everyone is a fantastic test-taker and some students are going to struggle with this type of test especially. If your child falls under this category then it is important to look into ISEE tutoring so that they are able to really get the grade that shows their capabilities. It might not seem fair that a test holds so much weight but it is the way things are and your child has to be able to overcome this obstacle. This is just a way to weave out certain students to see who can hang and who cannot. Our tutors realize that your child has the knowledge they just need the skills to prosper in this test. This is exactly what your student will be getting when they are matched with one of our private ISEE tutors.

We have the best of the best who understand what your child is going to need to know in order to get the score that they need. All of our tutors have five to fifteen years of experience working with students who are just like your child. They know what it takes to achieve the score your child needs so they are able to get into the school of their choice. This test is just the tip of the iceberg and not the end all to be all. They are going to have to take high-level exams like this now and later on in life. So our study skills tutors want to provide them the tools they are going to be able to utilize for the rest of their educational career. When you find an ISEE tutor with HeyTutor you are finding someone who really cares about your child’s success. These are not just college students looking to make a few extra dollars to maintain their lifestyle. These are trained professionals who have been working with the ISEE for years and are dedicated to your child’s success. So although the test feels like the most important thing that your child will ever have to do that is simply not the case.

When your child is able to work with one of our tutors they will understand this fact and work hard so that they are the best possible student. This will help alleviate some of the stress they are dealing with while also giving them the confidence to knock the exam out of the park. Our test preparation tutors will teach them methods that can be used for the ISEE as well as tests later on in their educational career. Your child will be able to take what they have learned with their tutor and apply it when they get into that top tier school. HeyTutor offers the exact service you thought you were going to get when you started searching for “ISEE tutoring near me” or an “ISEE tutor near me.”

John Lee

5 miles away

UChicago Graduate with 6 Years of Experience

I am an experienced tutor with a very strong educational background. I graduated from UChicago with a 3.75 GPA, making the dean's list every semester of college, and have taught/tutored at various after school programs, online programs, and... See more

Rosalia Aponte

3.3 miles away

Language and Special Needs tutor

I am an experienced Language Teacher with a background in Special Education and Foreign Language Instruction. I have developed strategies for teaching Spanish to native and non-native speakers and English to speaker of other languages. I ha... See more

  • ... New York University
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Yunuscan Tokcan

3.7 miles away

(1 ratings)
Wheaton College English Graduate with 5+ years of Tutoring Experience

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and have 5 years of extensive experience teaching students abroad. I have a background in t... See more

  • ... Wheaton College
  • subject ISEE + 57 more
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Counseling Psychology student with 10+ years of tutoring

I have over 10 years of SAT, ACT, SSAT, TOEFL, ISEE, ELPAC, English, History, AP Psychology, AP English Literature, AP English Language and Composition, and other experience. I have worked with students of all ages, focusing on high school

  • ... University of California - Santa...
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University Professor and Elementary Teacher 17 years experience

Specialties include:
*Elementary subjects
*Reading intervention

  • ... Brenau University
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Benefits of Hiring a ISEE Tutor

A great benefit when working with a tutor is the materials that tutors can provide so your student won’t feel like the ISEE is absolutely foreign to them. HeyTutor is here to help if you are thinking, "I need an ISEE tutor." We have a large pool of qualified tutors ready to help lead your child toward success so that they are accepted into the best schools. We handpick top tutor candidates so we will be able to better match your child’s learning needs. Every single tutor must take an assessment and have certain qualifications to even be placed on our database. Our team of professionals takes pride in only providing the very best tutors with extensive qualifications, a great personality, and plenty of inventive teaching styles that are tailored to your child's needs.

There are several services that offer ISEE classes, but we do not believe this is the best way for your child to truly learn. They have already gotten the basics in a classroom setting now they just need to refine what they have learned and turn it into a high score. This is not going to happen in the typical classroom setting and that is because they are not getting the focalized attention they need. When your child is able to sit down with a professional who has extensive knowledge of the ISEE you will see their confidence soar. After each and every session they will walk away knowing that they are moving in the right direction. This is not the case when they are in a group setting. This is because the teacher has to explain things for the entire classroom. Since there is so much covered on this test, the class is going to cover all of the materials as well. This might not make sense for your child to focus on certain subjects that they do not struggle with understanding.

For example, most of the students in the class might be struggling with Reading Comprehension so the teacher has to spend a ton of time on this subject matter. But if your child is struggling with Math and it is just skimmed over to focus more on Reading Comprehension then your child will leave feeling frustrated. This is a waste of your child’s time and your money but it can be completely avoided when your child is matched with one of our private tutors. There is nothing like having their own teacher who is going to work with them on their own personal struggles. This is the best way to ensure that your child is able to grasp all of the information that they might not have gotten in their regular class. Sometimes what happens is there is a disconnect between the student and the teacher. They might not mesh with their teaching style so because of this, they zone out during certain subjects.

This is going to come to the light when they are taking the ISEE and struggling with the materials. Our professional tutors will be able to provide a mock ISEE test for your child so that they can make their own assessment. They will also talk to your child and ask what they are more most concerned about going into the exam. By doing this they will be able to create a plan of action that your child can utilize so that they get the best possible grade on this exam. But as we mentioned, we do not just want your child to only want to get a high score and then lose focus on the bigger picture. Our tutors want to set your child up for lasting success that goes well beyond the examination room. When your child is able to retain all the information they are learning this is what will happen, and they will also succeed on their test. In order for your child to truly learn this information, they must be as comfortable as possible while also enjoying themselves.

This is the type of service that is provided when your child gets the privilege of working with a HeyTutor tutor. They go above and beyond to make sure that your child is getting everything they can out of the materials. We create a learning environment that you cannot find anywhere else. So reach out to our fantastic team of reps who can hook your child up with a top tier ISEE tutor. The standardized test will not seem as daunting after your child works with HeyTutor and sees that they have the skills they need to get the score they desire. Our tutors will unveil the greatness that is within your child and if they listen to their tutor they will see their score soar.

Most Recent Reviews for ISEE Tutoring

Joy V.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Anna did an excellent job tutoring my son in math. It was his first time learning online and he found it very productive. He thought Anna was very good at explaining methods and strategies in Math. We would recommend her to other students and families.

Joy V. reviews Anna Spahn
Liz M.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

She is absolutely superb! She brings her own supplies and even gives homework. She meets your child where she is and goes from there. On top of all this she has a kind and gentle manner. My daughter really likes her.

Liz M. reviews Olivianne Jean-baptiste