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Hello! My name is Jhan and I'm a graduate from Wheaton College with a double major in Spanish and International Relations. I love working one-on-one with students and I'm also comfortable working with groups. One of the best things about my college experience was my professors, the kindness they've shown, and their passion for their subjects which made many of my classes enjoyable. Their dedication to put in extra time when I was confused about a concept or needed clarification made all the difference to me in my academic and personal life.

My goal is to bring these positive experiences into my tutoring sessions and do everything I can to make the topic as engaging and fun as possible. As students have different ways that they prefer learning, I will always do my best to adjust my methods to help students learn in a way that is best suited for them. My goal is to make learning Spanish as enjoyable and effective as possible.

At Wheaton, I led discussion groups for Spanish students at the elementary and intermediate levels to encourage them further in their language learning and oral use of the target language. I explained grammar rules and concepts and guide them in discussions in Spanish around the topics and grammar they were learning in class. I also was a tutor for Spanish at the conversation level (SPAN331) at Wheaton where I led discussions with groups of 4-5 students, mostly Spanish majors or minors. We engaged in conversations over the topics they were learning, such as globalization, and integrating the grammar they were also studying. I also edited their essays by finding and correcting grammar mistakes and offering other suggestions for cohesion and flow. I also worked as a TA for the Spanish department and privately tutored several students on my campus in Spanish. In addition, I have worked/currently worked as a Spanish private tutor for children as young as four all the way up to the college level.

My goal is to help students as much as I can to meet their goals and I welcome any suggestions for curriculum or materials that students or parents suggest. I will always do my best to provide quick and timely responses. Please feel free to reach out to me to schedule a session or with any additional questions!



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