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My name is Devin, and I'm a fourth year Electrical Engineering student at UW-Madison with a GPA of 3.57. My completed math coursework spans through Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. I have significant experience applying these mathematical concepts to engineering models such as electronic circuitry, signal processing, control systems and medical instrumentation. Algebra and trigonometry are building blocks in electrical engineering and I use them on a nearly day-to-day basis in my studies, so explaining them intuitively comes naturally to me. I have also completed two semesters of college level Chemistry and two semesters of college level Physics. I enjoy teaching STEM topics because I believe they're undervalued in today's education, especially at the high school level, and play an incredibly important role in understanding the world.

While my major is in engineering and I specialize in STEM topics, I am highly proficient in the English language and have attained a 4.0 GPA in the liberal arts courses required for my major (15 credits of Philosophy and History). I have also edited English papers professionally as a freelance agent in the past. I am a patient and thorough communicator and I would also say that I'm a calm, kind and mature person.

Much of what I know about education comes from UW-Madison's WisCEL system, a flipped-classroom format used heavily in our Electrical & Computer Engineering department. In a WisCEL class, students are encouraged to collaborate and help teach each other the course material in small groups. During WisCEL sessions, I found it natural and rewarding to help other students in my group learn the material and complete the exercises. Throughout my college career I have taken seven courses in this format. In addition to WisCEL, I have prior math-specific tutoring experience: when I was in high school, I tutored math at the 6-7th grade level, helping three different students learn concepts and apply them to assignments and tests throughout an academic year. Additionally, this past semester I tutored a high school student in practical and consumer math, and attained excellent results with regards to her math understanding and academic success. I live on Regent Street, which is a short walk from UW campus. The best meeting points for me would be at or nearby to the UW-Madison campus.

My availabilities this upcoming semester include anytime Monday after noon, Tuesday/Thursday/Wednesday between 11 AM and 2 PM, Thursday after 4 PM, Friday after 2:30 PM and any time on the weekend with prior notice.

Additionally, my hourly rate is $30.

Please refer to the attached CV for more information about me. Also, please don't hesitate to contact me for more information (for example, my UW course transcript, reference contact information or a writing sample)

Devin Bresser



University of Wisconsin - Madison

Electrical Engineering




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