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I have 2 degrees Master in Linguistics with Major in interpreting and translating German, Russian and English and B.Sc. IT/EE
I am working full time as an Engineer and on Saturdays I teach German at Tacoma German Language School. I found this to be a good balance next to the technical field.
German, Russian and English is spoken in my family every day. My kids don’t know any better
So I decided to teach more. I am not a certified teacher but you are welcome to reach out to the principle of TGLS for a recommendation and I think that might be even better than any teaching certificate.

If you need German for school or you are going to Germany or Russian speaking countries to study or work (Technical or medical fields are my favorite) – I can help you with the languages but also with the information about the realities as my life was spent between those two countries.

One thing you need to know: if you are taking a lesson - expect to have homework.
It is a language, not a drawing project which you could do over night. It is an ongoing process and especially at the beginning it could be very frustrating.
I am here to help you to learn how to learn the language, structure it and make it easier and understandable, discover logic in the language and develop self-help for the future.
I am convinced that if even such dry material as Grammar is packed in the right form it can become a fun game.



Western International University

German, English




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Wells P.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Thank you for following up with Jessica and being flexible with her unique situation.

6 months ago
Wells P. reviews Lucy Wright