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I hold a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership program from the University of Phoenix, with a Specialization in Information Systems & Technology (DM/IST). I defended my dissertation on March 23, 2018. My dissertation is entitled "Correlation between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems’ Usage, Product Innovation, and Customer Satisfaction.”
My doctoral dissertation investigates the use of CRM to innovate products and improve customer satisfaction. In my research, I explore whether the investment in a CRM system in the selected medium sized companies in the US adds value through product innovation and customer satisfaction.
Moreover, I am a certified teacher, who has worked in the field of education for many years. I have taught at the elementary school level, at the high school level and at the university level. More recently, I have been working with Tucson Unified School District. My work with the TUSD has provided me with many professional development opportunities. I have taken advantage of each one of these opportunities, receiving training in all aspects of school life from classroom management, to special education, to ELD teaching, to promoting diversity through targeted instruction. I put this valuable training to work at my school. The result was that I was recognized in the school for the best classroom management techniques, for the remarkable progress of my ELD students, not to mention receiving various awards for my students’ classroom projects and positive contribution to the school culture.
I have both an extensive teaching experience and valuable administrative experience in the business sector. I have held various positions both in the industry and in academia. In both spheres, I have always had one goal in mind, namely to exceed the expectations by turning my job into my hobby. I have viewed every challenge in the work place as an opportunity for professional growth, as an opportunity to acquire new skills and to polish old ones. The extensive managerial and supervisory roles that I have held in different environments have sharpened this habit of mind.



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