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Qualifications & Experience

I graduated from James Madison University with a Masters of Art in Teaching after majoring in English and minoring in Secondary Education. After college, I returned to Richmond to work in Henrico County Public Schools and teach English/Reading in a middle school setting. Throughout my experience at this middle school, I faced many challenges, including teaching students who were below reading level (sometimes 4+ years below grade level), teaching in an unaccredited school that experienced constant pressure from outside forces, and teaching only for a standardized test. With a few teachers, I piloted and implemented a reading program focused on giving students access, choice, and time to read rather than simply teaching for the SOL. While applying this program, we saw students improve drastically in their reading comprehension throughout the year, as well as in their scores on the standardized tests. Over the last two school years, I have tutored students ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade.

During my teaching and tutoring time, I have found a deep passion for building relationships with individual students. Especially when working with students who are struggling with reading comprehension, lack of motivation, English as a second language, or writing skills, I have realized the importance of understanding students as unique individuals.

As an individualized or small group tutor, I provide students with skills and strategies to excel on standardized tests. However, as a mentor or coach, I encourage students to see their true potential while pushing them to tackle personal struggles or fears. I aim to plant seeds of critical thinking, self-confidence, and reading comprehension at an early age so that students can carry these skills into college and beyond.



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