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I work in international finance, but have always had a passion for helping others and teaching. I used to tutor students when I was in college in International Relations and loved the opportunity to help students improve their grades and learn.
I rediscovered my passion for teaching after I taught GMAT classes, but found that individual lessons and tutoring sessions were a lot more effective for students. In classes, students bring a wide variety of backgrounds and knowledge of the material, but as a teacher, you have to keep pace with the curriculum and therefore can't deviate much. Tutoring allows me to tailor the material to the student's needs - enabling us to maximize your score, ensuring that we address any weak areas thoroughly, and focusing on your strengths.
I use a variety of tools to teach the math and verbal section of the GMAT - it's important to build confidence, accuracy, and efficiency and we'll do that through a variety of modules. If math is not your strong suit and you have not touched geometry since High School, I'll provide you with focused math session to help you refresh on formulas and general theories, but also help you crack the code of the specific GMAT problems. If you are a math whiz, but start sweating and feeling anxious when you see the GMAT reading comprehension section, have no fear, I'll help you conquer this part in no time.
My job as your tutor is to help you crack the code to GMAT questions, give you the background knowledge you need, and provide you with the encouragement and support to make your dream score into reality. Your job is to put aside the time and do lots of practice problems. Ultimately, your success is in your hands - you are the driver in this process and the more time you put in practicing and working on the areas you find challenging, the better you'll do on exam day. I've helped students raise their scores from 500 to 650/700 and I'm confident that together, we can get you to your goal score.
I scored in the 90th percentile on my GMAT, but beyond my extensive knowledge of math and verbal, I am a great tutor because I focus on you and your particular needs. I am extremely patient and very supportive. I will help you tackle your weak areas and explain difficult concepts in plain English so that you can understand them and easily solve the GMAT problems. I will help you identify your strengths and will help you improve these further so that you can get the maximum points on the GMAT.
So, think of me as your highly specialized GMAT tutor. I do not teach or tutor any other subjects, because in a very dorky way - I love the GMAT problems and prefer to excel in the subject matter. I know that with my help, you can get to enjoy GMAT problems too. I've had many students who fear certain sections of the GMAT and after a tutoring session or two with me, these sections become their favorite ones. So feel free to let me know if you have any questions and let me help you get to the GMAT score you want.
P.S. Please note that cancellation fees apply for tutor session cancellation notices sent less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled session - specifically, if a cancellation notice is sent less than an hour prior to a tutoring session, the full session is charged and if a cancellation notice is sent less than 24 hours prior to a tutoring session, half of the session is charged.



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