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Hello, there. My name is George Lee. I am a native Chinese speaker by origin and I've been teaching for 10+ years.

I have a bachelor's degree in major of Language Science when I first graduated from university of China. Thereafter , I went to America to pursuit further education and earned MBA degree. In September of 2015, I passed the exam and proudly became one "Certified International Chinese Language Teacher" under CETTIC.

Over the years, I've taught students from around the world with all sorts of background. On-campus students, corporate employees, business owners and etc, from Europe to Philippine, from North america to name it. I have done group study with 20-30 students together and as well as 1-1 private session with specific target to reach. And right now, during this difficult time of season, I decide to move my customized classes on line and make it available to anyone anywhere who is still out there striving to get head. For that, i would like to contribute my expertise to help achieve the goal together.

Via years of travelling and living in different countries, I've developed a special method of teaching foreign language. It is very magical that is hard to believe at first. However, Language DNA is something everyone already has in our system . And frankly, there is no need of further learning it . Just need get activated properly . That's what I am about to share with you. The process is simple and whole lots of fun too !

So, come and schedule a lesson with me today. You won't regret it.



University of Houston - Clear Lake

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