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Qualifications & Experience

I received my BA in Religious Studies in 2016. My studies involved a lot of exposure to anthropology, history, philosophy, and ecology and as such am very comfortable tutoring all high school levels and college courses up to the 300 or 3000 levels.

During the course of my studies I also became very proficient at writing lengthy, high quality papers and quickly! Essays were a favorite form of evaluation at the 3000-4000 levels and I became very proficient at researching and knocking these out in 2-3 days, a necessary skill when you are reading 100-150 pages a week! As such, I am also comfortable tutoring a student in academic writing, using databases to research (such as JSTOR), and helping a student review and revise essays.



University of North Texas

Religious Studies



Probability Statistics

Test Preparation

SAT Reading


SAT Reading


English (K-8) High School Level English College Level English Essay Writing Literature Reading & Comprehension Proofreading Vocabulary


Anthropology Biology Ecology Genetics

Social Studies

Anthropology U.S. History Bible Studies Classics European History Government & Politics Philosophy Religion


Public Speaking Spanish


Public Speaking


Computer Gaming



Conor ’s Rating



Josh C.

5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Conor was a fantastic and patient tutor. He worked with me long and hard to help me understand ancient Greek Religion and was very patient even when I had to have him clarify something multiple times. He really seemed passionate about me understanding the material and I could tell it was really interesting to him.

a year ago

Martha P.

5.0 Articulation
4.0 Proficiency
4.0 Punctuality

When I was taking an Intro to Judaism class that he had already taken, I asked him for help understanding some of the material. He was very thorough and obviously remembered a lot of what he read. His biggest weakness is probably the fact that he knew a lot about the subject and sometimes included extra information that I really didn’t need to know. He cares a lot about the subjects he tutors, for sure. I wound up making in A in the class

a year ago

Riley W.

5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Essay writing was never my strong suit in high school. My teachers never taught me how to do research very well and so I hated doing “research essays”. It isn’t like this went away in college. Lucky for me Conor was able to help me learn to use an academic database and find what I needed as well as helped me improve my essay planning and writing skills. The skills he taught me helped me beyond that one class, I can’t recommend him enough.

a year ago

Cassie P.

5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

I had the pleasure of attending a class that Conor was guest lecturing in. The course was an anthropology one, “Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion” and I was really impressed at how organized and prepared he was. The lecture was thorough with plenty of time for questions and he stopped often enough, but not too often, to give the class a chance to ask questions. He also took questions after the lecture and had lunch with a couple of us. He knows his stuff and is very friendly. A+!

2 years ago